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Sunday Salon 2009-09-13: Week in Review

What a week! I won’t bore you with the details, just know that Murphy’s Law ruled my life this week.

There are only 2 days left to go in the running to win my first Aussie Author Give Away so hurry and enter to win one of two great Aussie crime novels.

Don’t forget that Book Blogger Appreciation Week starts tomorrow. You should have already voted for your favourite blogs in the various award categories (and if you haven’t it’s too late now) but there are many other ways you can participate in the week’s activities and say thanks to the book bloggers that make your world a more bookish place.

This week (starting today in fact) is also Agatha Christie week.  As part of festivities Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is hosting a Christie blog tour all week (my contribution is scheduled for tomorrow).

Books Then and Now

Regular readers will see that I haven’t reviewed a single book this week which is a rarity for me. I have actually finished two books (Ligny’s Lake and Death on the Nile) but they’re both the subject of posts which are due on specific days next week so you’ll have to wait for my opinions (how on earth will you sleep?).

I have partly-finished books all over the place, most of which I hope to finish soon. All except the one I slammed on the desk of the Nurse Ratched I came across at a local aged care facility. Thankfully it wasn’t a library book as it would have lessened the impact of my dramatic exit if I’d had to retrieve the thing.

Arrivals and Departures

pardonable liesmystery of a hansom cab

the historian the_last_breath

Again I acquired more books than I managed to rid myself of this week. These are the four books that have a new home with me (the second one along is Fergus Hume’s Mystery of a Hansom Cab and was first published in 1886 though this is a new edition). I sent 2 books off to a new home with a fellow BookMooch member.

Link Fest

…and one more thing

When major companies release new versions of their software is it too much to ask that they do bit of product testing? Apple’s new version of iTunes released this week completely screwed with smart playlists containing non-music file formats (e.g. podcasts or audiobooks). So, instead of my regular Saturday morning walk listening to my favourite podcasts I spent 2 hours scouring the web to find a workaround to the bug. I pay a ridiculous amount of money for your shiny gadgets and musical bytes precisely so that the products you release are trustworthy Apple. So lift your damned game.