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2010 – The Favourites

It has become a tradition for me to list my top ten reads of each year since starting this blog (yes I know it’s only 2 and a bit years but traditions have to start somewhere) but it is becoming harder to do as I read more books each year (the official tally this year is 162 finished books and 8 DNFs) and a higher percentage of them are really very good. So this year I have the top ten list plus the honourable mentions/just missed outs list plus the ‘hey, we were good too’ list.

The top ten (in alphabetical order by author)

  • Belinda Bauer, Blacklands (audio book)
  • S J Bolton, Awakening
  • Ken Bruen, The Dramatist (audio book)
  • Ariana Franklin, Mistress of the Art of Death
  • Elly Griffiths, The Janus Stone
  • Adrian Hyland, Gunshot Road (Australian Author) (when pressed on most days I will say that this is my favourite book of the year, it is hard to separate from the others but the writing does set it slightly above – sheer poetry)
  • Arnaldur Indridason, Hypothermia (translated) (this is the second book I have said on several occasions is my favourite for the whole year)
  • Simon Lelic, A Thousand Cuts (a.k.a. Rupture) (this is the other book I occasionally say was my favourite for the year)
  • Deon Meyer, Thirteen Hours (translated)
  • Johan Theorin, The Darkest Room (translated)

These books missed out by the merest whisker from inclusion:

For those who care about such things you’ll note that my halfway through the year list was reasonably accurate, containing 6 books that ended up on the top ten for the year. The other four books were edged into the honourable mentions/just missed out list.

Between them the books in the above two lists were rated

  • 4.5 (= Wow, I feel lucky to have discovered this book and will badger you to read it too so we can talk about it) or
  • 5 (= Wow, I feel lucky to have discovered this book, will badger you to read it too and would want it with me if I were stranded on a desert island)

There are a further 43 that I rated 4 (= ‘wow I feel lucky to have discovered this book’) which I think you’ll agree is still pretty darned good. So if you are still looking for something to read…

Just in case you haven’t had enough charts yet I shall display my ratings in a couple of final charts for the year.

Book Rating Breakdown 2009-2010
Rating groupings 2009-2010

I like this second chart because it shows more dramatically that overall, 81% of the books I read fell into the 3+ rating which means I was glad to have read them and would happily read more by the same author. This is up from 71% on last year.

What a wonderful year in books I have had and, as always, my sincere gratitude to the authors who make it all possible.

If you’d like your own top ten crime fiction reads for this year to be included in Kerrie’s Mega List of Awesome Crime Fiction (that might just be my name for it, hers is probably more sensible) please head over to her blog and leave your top ten.