Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

On disappointment, perspective and looking forward

A day before the announcement of the winner of this year’s CWA International Dagger Award (which happened last Friday night in the UK) I shared my thoughts on the shortlisted books I’d read and mused there was only one book I’d grizzle about if it won.

Naturally enough that book, Three Seconds, won the award.

Perhaps if it had been a different week I might have had a real grizzle (or even a fully fledged rant) about the unfairness of that decision but as it happened time provided a bit of perspective. Personally I was very crook with a bizarre stomach bug (the symptoms of which I will not bore you with) for several days so was not up to even a gentle whimper about the judges getting it all wrong. And when I did raise my head from my sick-bed it was to hear the sombre news that the world has produced yet another mass murderer with a twisted, evil agenda; this time in the peace-prize giving Norway. Even my national pride took a hit when I heard a report that several Australian right-wing politicians and conservative leaders were among the evil bastard’s heroes.

Clearly there are a lot of things I have to be more angry about in this world than which book won an award.

Happily I don’t have to dwell on this year’s Dagger disappointment  for long. I can already start speculating about next year’s award thanks to Karen Meek (one of the judges of this year’s award) (and no, I’m not holding it against her) from the excellent website Euro Crime who has already started listing the books which will be eligible. She will update that blog post regularly enough that your credit card won’t ever see the inside of your wallet but if you can’t wait for those updates you can even subscribe to the RSS feed of her Good Reads shelf on which sit all the eligible titles (you don’t have to be a Good Reads member and can use any RSS reader).

I’ve already read a couple of the eligible titles (one being the five-star read Quarry by Johan Theorin) and have several more pre-ordered. It looks like a good year of translated reading ahead and who knows, next year I might just pick a winner :)