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International Dagger 2012 – Reading Progress and Speculation #1

As I am rarely in step with the thinking of awards judging panels I’m really not that interested in the myriad of awards handed out in the crime fiction field these days. One exception is the UK Crime Writers Association’s International Dagger Award for books translated into English which I follow because it prompts me to read beyond the American and English stuff that can overwhelm the market. In the past I’ve normally only managed to read the shortlisted novels but this year I’ve kept track of eligible titles via Karen from the excellent Euro Crime tagging eligible books on Good Reads and have at least managed to make a head start (thanks Karen).

So far I’ve finished 15 books (with a 16th forever being on the DNF pile):

I’ve indicated which of these I would put on my shortlist. As I haven’t read even a quarter of the books that are eligible I am likely way off the mark but If I were handing out the award today it would go to Karin Fossum’s THE CALLER but I think all of the books I have selected are excellent

I own these books and plan to read them all before the shortlist is announced. I wonder if any will replace the ones I have picked above.

  • Gazan, Sissel-Jo; The Dinosaur Feather
  • Kaaberbol, Lene; Friis, Agnete, The Boy In The Suitcase
  • Kallentoft, Mons; Midwinter Sacrifice
  • Läckberg, Camilla; The Drowning
  • Mallo, Ernesto; Sweet Money
  • Nakamura, Fuminori; The Thief
  • Nykänen, Harri, Nights of Awe
  • Ohlsson, Kristina; Unwanted
  • Sacheri, Eduardo, The Secret In Their Eyes (well I’m on the library queue for this one but not sure I will get it in time)
  • Sigurdardottir, Yrsa; The Day Is Dark

However there are 53 more titles eligible for nomination. Are there any others you think I MUST read in the time remaining (the shortlist is due to be announced in the last week of May)? Have you got your own prediction for what will make the shortlist?