Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Keep movin’, movin’, movin’*

I had not intended to bore you all with Reactions to Reading’s behind the scenes carry-on but a couple of you have noticed the paucity of posts lately and have written to enquire about my health and wellbeing. Apart from making me feel all warm and fuzzy that complete strangers have noticed my absence let alone cared about it, their enquiries did make me realise how unsettling unexplained absences can be.

Rest assured I am hunky dory but have bought a new house and will be moving shortly (in fact 4 weeks today I will lay my weary head in my new abode for the first time). In between working full time and family commitments I’m doing all that stuff that goes along with moving…giving away things that won’t fit into the new place, packing, organising renovations at my new house, arranging all the services to be disconnected and, of course, wondering just how I managed to acquire quite so many books. At the moment there’s not much spare time for reading let alone blogging about reading. But I hope to be back to full-posting strength by mid-late June and in the interim do hope to post the occasional review or book-related thought.

Today I’ve got a link for the crime fiction fans amongst you. The First Tuesday Book Club is a monthly TV book club in Australia and each week the panel discusses a new book and a classic. This month they chose Thomas Harris’ SILENCE OF THE LAMBS as the ‘classic’ and the discussion is a really robust one. Aside from Shane Maloney (an Australian crime writer) the panel are not aficionados of the genre but all seemed to enjoy it. The discussion reminded me how good the book was and how utterly awful most of the thousands of copycat books that have come since really are.

*a line from the Rawhide TV Show theme song