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Review: THE JUMP by Doug Johnstone

THE JUMP is not the kind of book you should start when you only have a few reading minutes at hand. Once begun you’ll want need to finish it quickly. It is the story of Ellie Napier and how she … Continue reading

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Review: ELEMENTAL by Amanda Curtin

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and presume that Amanda Curtin did not set out to deliberately cause me the messy embarrassment of unexpected tears in public. I’ll concede that she wasn’t to know that the tale … Continue reading

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Review: THE HANGING SHED by Gordon Ferris

Douglas Brodie is a well-educated (courtesy of a scholarship), working-class bloke who’s been a student, a policeman, a soldier and, in the year since WWII ended, has tried to make a career as a reporter. At the start of the … Continue reading

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Review: CRUCIBLE OF SECRETS by Shona MacLean

Readers first met Shona MacLean’s 17th Century academic Alexander Seaton when he was teaching at a school in the Scottish town of Banff in 1626 and then followed him on a quest to Ireland a couple of years later. In … Continue reading

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Review: THE SEA DETECTIVE by Mark Douglas-Home

Cal McGill, with his aptly named business Flotsam and Jetsom Investigations, is an expert on ocean currents and other influencing factors to the point that he can identify where a body (or anything else) which has washed ashore originated from … Continue reading

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Review: BIRTHDAYS FOR THE DEAD by Stuart MacBride

I finished listening to Stuart MacBride’s BIRTHDAYS FOR THE DEAD a couple of days ago and I didn’t like it. Lots of people have recommended the author to me and with reviews like this one I thought I might enjoy … Continue reading

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Review: A DARKER DOMAIN by Val McDermid

If the world could be ordered to my specific tastes all books would be available in audio format and all of those would be read by people with Scottish accents, even the ones set in outback Australia. I blame my … Continue reading

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Review: THE BLACKHOUSE by Peter May

Of late it seems to be the books with a really strong sense of their time or place that hold my attention. I suspect it has something to do with my yearning for a holiday I can’t have just at … Continue reading

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Review: The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina

In Glasgow a young woman is murdered in her home, her face so badly damaged that even hardened police struggle with viewing the body. Almost immediately readers meet the two teenage boys who are responsible for the hideous crime (though … Continue reading

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Review: Exile by Denise Mina

The second book of a trilogy, Exile continues the story of Maureen O’Donnell, abuse survivor, ex-mental patient, reluctant volunteer shelter-worker and genuine heroine for the age. Having survived the dramatic events depicted in Garnethill Maureen is spending her days trying … Continue reading

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