Weekly Geeks #23 – Favourite reading spots

Being new to blogging about books I thought I’d try out a few posting challenges. I’ve been using Weekly Geeks for a while to find new book blogs for my own interest so it seems like a good place to start. The fact that this week’s challenge is a pretty easy one doesn’t hurt.

This week’s challenge is to look through previous Weekly Geeks themes and repeat one. Strictly speaking I’m not eligible (as I’m not repeating anything) but I did like the idea of showing off my favourite reading spots as per Weekly Geeks #14.

I can (and do) read almost anywhere but at home I have two favourite spots: one indoors and one outdoors. The thing that both have in common is a chair that moves (one rocks, one swings).

To the left is my indoor spot. The chair is very comfy, the blanket folded up on one arm is for warmth during winter and the bookshelf holds my TBR selection. The baskets that you can see on the very left of the picture hold my supplies for posting books to my bookmooch friends (more about bookmooch another day). This is the very book-centric spot of my house.

To the right is my favourite outdoor spot. We’re blessed with a pretty good climate here in Adelaide, Australia so I can use this most of the year. At the moment we’re in daylight savings time which means I can often fit an hour or so of outdoor reading on my swing after work of an evening. That’s living.

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7 Responses to Weekly Geeks #23 – Favourite reading spots

  1. Maree says:

    I love your inside spot _ so comfy looking, and with the books so handy. 🙂


  2. Jules says:

    I agree, your inside spot looks very comfy and its very close to the books. Although the outside spot also looks nice. I at the moment don’t have an outside spot, unless I visit my parents.


  3. dew says:

    These are our last days of being able to read outside, I think. I’ll be envying your climate all winter!


  4. Kerrie says:

    Your new site is working very well Bernadette. It has some nice features.


  5. Lightheaded says:

    I love your outdoor reading nook!


  6. Callista says:

    I just finished WG #14 too but posted more than just my reading spots!


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