Weekly Geeks 2009 #2: What does it mean to be a geek?

This week’s question for Weekly Geeks is

What does being a member mean to you? What do you enjoy about the group?What are some of your more memorable Weekly Geeks that we might could do again? What could be improved as we continue the legacy that Dewey gave us?

I only joined the Geeks a few weeks before Dewey passed away but the thing that struck me from the beginning was the engaging way it has of bringing bloggers together. Many of the weekly questions that I’ve seen (I lurked a while before joining) force you into genuinely looking at other blogs not just having a quick peek and dropping your link. So if you’re going to participate you actually have to take some time and look around a while at some blogs. I’ve found quite a few of the blogs I now watch regularly via Weekly Geeks (see last week’s post for details). So, that’s what it means for me: not just finding other blogs but being forced to take a proper look under their covers. 

As for topics to re-visit…ummmmm….I enjoyed the one where we had to describe out favourite reading spots because I enjoyed seeing where other people read. Perhaps we could go further and find our ultimate reading spot designs or the places we wish we could read (or perhaps this is just on my mind because I’m thinking about renovating). 

I know that things are always supposed to be able to be improved but I happen to believe in the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ motto that my father swears by. As long as we continue to visit each others’ blogs and participate in each others’ discussions in a friendly way I think we’ll all be doing our little bit to keep Dewey’s legacy going.

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5 Responses to Weekly Geeks 2009 #2: What does it mean to be a geek?

  1. Kerrie says:

    Another place we meet Bernadette. I like the way WG makes the world just that little bit smaller. Browsing other people’s blogs is always fascinating


  2. Maree says:

    It is a good way to dig a little deeper into other books blogs.
    Happy Weekly Geeks 🙂


  3. Louise says:

    I have enjoyed to dig into a lot of people’s blogs thanks to WG. Like you, I didn’t participate in that many WGs, but I really enjoyed all that I did participate in.


  4. Nice Post! I enjoyed the favorite reading spot post too. In fact that might have been my first Weekly Geek post.


  5. blbooks says:

    I agree 🙂 The most important thing is to keep the community-sense going strong! And I’d love a chance to explore the topic of designing your *ideal* reading spot.


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