If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

It seems that everywhere I turn lately someone’s talking about Stieg Larsson’s second book The Girl Who Played With Fire. I really want to read the book with fresh eyes so I haven’t looked at any reviews or participated in any discussions or even read the blurb on the back of my copy. But it’s getting increasingly difficult to avoid seeing mentions of it (a woman was even reading it on the bus this morning) so I think there’s only one solution. On this long weekend (we have a day off on Monday to celebrate Australia Day) I’ll just have to sacrifice myself and ignore the housework and myriad of other chores that have piled up of late and lock myself in a metaphorical cocoon with my book and a glass or three of wine. When I emerge I’ll be able to visit my favourite book blogs and read the messages from my online book groups again without fear of tripping over an errant spoiler. I’ll also know,  finally, what’s become of Lisbeth which will be very satisfying indeed.

Hope you all have just as good a weekend planned.

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  1. Kerrie says:

    What a sacrifice!


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