Sisterhood Award

Cathy at Kittling Books very kindly gave me a Sisterhood Award. If you haven’t read Cathy’s blog you should because it’s excellent. As well as her great reviews there’s loads of other great stuff like her new series of posts about where other people blog from (called scene of the blog) and Cathy’s always running a fun poll.

I’m supposed to find 10 blogs to share the love with but I hate playing favourites and even if I were so inclined by this point I’d be stuck to find 10 blogs I read who haven’t already received the award.

Instead I’ll just say a big thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and commentors I’ve met over the last few months: you give me information, entertainment and inspiration. Head over to my links page (which I did update by adding the new blogs I’ve recently started following in honour of this award) to see who I’m reading on the Net.

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