Sunday Salon 2009-05-17 – Reading Accessories

It’s confession time folks. I have recently bought what might be the silliest product ever. And I love it.

First, the justification. Winter is approaching fast here in Australia and as someone who is a bit of a cheapskate and who is also aiming to be more environmentally responsible I try not to rely on heating if I don’t really have to.

chairWhen reading in my favourite chair I use layers of clothes, ugg boots and a blanket to ward off the chills. But the blanket has never been a terribly satisfactory solution because I always have to reach out from under to hold the book or turn the page.

Which is where my new purchase comes in. blanket

I bought a blanket with sleeves. They have been advertising them on late night TV for ages at a price beyond a cheapskate’s budget but when Catch of the day recently had them on sale I succumbed to temptation.

I think it is my new favourite reading accessory. It is so snuggly (it’s made of polar fleece) and I can stay warm underneath it without having to uncover my arms and let the cold in.

My only concern is that it might send me completely bonkers as the people in this clip appear to be (although so far I’ve had no urges to dance around in my blanket or wear it to a local tourist attraction).

So…What about you? Do you have a favourite reading accessory? Something that brings something extra to your reading experience? A light? A stand? Anything as silly (but lovely) as a blanket with sleeves?

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7 Responses to Sunday Salon 2009-05-17 – Reading Accessories

  1. Dorte H says:

    Oh, how boring I am. Just an ordinary blanket, a mug of hot coffee and my reading glasses. They are the three things which enhance my reading experience.

    But I admit it is an excellent idea and may consider buying one before winter hits our cold, old vicarage (in six months) 😉


  2. Kerrie says:

    Does it have a backside, or is the blanket just all on top, like a hospital gown, Bernadette?
    I have a book seat – Sunnie’s influence – that holds the book for me as I read. Don’t use it all the time, but it feels very indulgent. (


  3. susan says:

    I’ve seen the commercials here. It does look ridiculous. It also looks warm and as someone who lives with a frugal partner, we keep the heat, low, too. Who cares what it looks like when you’re warm? Happy reading.


  4. bernadetteinoz says:

    No Kerrie no back – just a large square blanket with two sleeves – so only good for sitting with – not really something you can wear

    And I will heartedly recommend it for anyone who is cold and/or frugal (a better word than cheap Susan)


  5. Gavin says:

    We’re coming into summer here but I’ve seen references to this blanket thingy before and may have to get one for next fall. Regular blankets do make it difficult to turn pages!


  6. Dani in NC says:

    The book accessory I would like to have is a clip-on book light. My favorite place to read is in bed, but my husband often falls asleep before I do. I’d like to be able to read without disturbing him.


  7. Sunnie says:

    I saw that advertised on telly myself and thought it looked pretty good, but then I saw the total cost and thought, “naah.” Perhaps I’ll have a trawl around ebay one day.

    And yes, I do have a book seat and i love it to bits. Especially in winter. It’s like a miniature beanbag for a book, so it’s very light. This means when I’m in bed at night I can balance the book seat on my tummy, place the book in the little plastic lever thing with a toggle that holds it in place and keep my hands nice and warm under the covers. I only have to expose them to the cold air to turn the page. Cold hand syndrome is always an issue when reading in bed during winter. This does away with it. I have found that you can also tilt it on its side while keeping the book in place, in case I get sick of lying on my back and want to lie on my side and read and not get cold hand syndrome.


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