2010 – The Challenges

I like my fiction reading to be pretty unstructured so I can act on whatever whim takes my fancy at any time. However I am signing up for two reading challenges in 2010 though, if I am totally honest, neither will be particularly onerous for me.

The first is the 2010 Global Challenge which aims to get people reading books set in different places. I’m aiming for the expert level of this challenge which will require me to read two novels each from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America (incl Central America), South America and Antarctica. They have to be from fourteen different countries or states. As I think I can achieve about 75% of this challenge with books already on my TBR shelves (depending on whether you put Turkey in Asia or Europe) I’m adding a personal extra twist that all the books have to be by new-to-me authors. I like reading books set in different places so I’ll enjoy this one. The challenge is being hosted by Dorte of DJs Krimiblog but the challenge is not restricted to crime fiction so please join in the fun and expand your horizons at the same time. There are two easier levels if you don’t fancy reading quite so many books in strange settings.

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The other challenge I’m joining is probably less of a stretch for me. Hosted by The Royal Reviews the Audio Book Challenge has an obsessed level which requires me to read 20 audio books for the year. As I’ve read 25 (and a half) of them so far in 2009 I should be able to manage this one without too much trouble. I really do enjoy audio books, which I listen to while walking which is about the only exercise I get and I find it very motivating to have an interesting story unfolding in my head as I walk. Again there are easier levels of this challenge for those who are not quite as obsessed as I am so please do join in if you’re at all interested in audio books.

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My main reason for signing up to both challenges is that I am really interested to see what other participants read and listen to as I’m always on the lookout for good reading suggestions. It’s true that I’ve been reading crime fiction almost exclusively for the past couple of years but this hasn’t always been the case and I may just find some recommendations that inspire me to read other genres again. I also like the idea that both challenges will keep me motivated in continuing to read books in a wide variety of settings and in maintaining my exercise regime (I don’t let myself listen to audio books other than when I am walking).

Thankfully I don’t have to list the books I plan to read for either challenge as I want my reading to still be a fluid thing that allows me to respond to whims, recommendations and moods but I’ll certainly be reporting in regularly on my progress for both challenges.

Thanks to both hosts for all the effort of putting these challenges together.

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5 Responses to 2010 – The Challenges

  1. Kerrie says:

    Thanks for pointing to the Audio Book Challenge Bernadette, I should be able to manage 12 I think, so I’ve been over and signed up.


  2. Cathy says:

    I’m like you in that I want my reading to be unstructured, so the challenges that don’t make you plan out your reading lists are ideal.


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  4. Dorte H says:

    I don´t mind making a preliminary list (I have one on my computer for both my challenges), but like you I want my freedom so that when I come across tempting reviews I can add those books. Besides, Maxine sent me an interesting African novel today so it would be rather silly not to read that one.


  5. Beth F says:

    I’m in the audiobook challenage and have thought long and hard about Dorte’s challenge. It looks like a great one, but I’m not yet sure.


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