Link of the week – 2 May 2010

I came across this delightful list of neologisms for booklovers at Between the Covers. I’ve definitely encountered quite a few of these in my reading but this week can identify particularly with Döppelclanger (same book, different plot). I am reading (well actually I am letting sit by the bedside table while I read something else) Michele Guittari’s A Death in Tuscany which is a bit too much like other Italian police procedurals of my acquaintance. Only without the interesting bits.

Also, my geographically related challenges are definitely making my life Zambeasy (you can look that one up for yourselves).

Anyone have their own book-ish neologism?

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3 Responses to Link of the week – 2 May 2010

  1. Bernadette – These are terrific! Thanks for passing them along. May I humbly suggest:

    Gorebage – The number of scenes of gratuitous brutality in a book.


  2. bernadetteinoz says:

    Oh I like that one Margot


  3. Why, thank you : ).


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