Weekly Geeks 2010-20 – The Wishlist

This week’s discussion topic is a deceptively simple one to answer:

Is your wishlist as big as your TBR pile? What books are topping your list? Are there any new releases that you are counting down the days for? Share a handful of titles and be sure to share why you want to get your hands on these books! And if another blogger is responsible for that book being on your wishlist, consider sharing a link to their review!

The second time I bought a book that I already owned a copy of I realised I needed a documented wishlist (I mean one mistake could be forgiven but multiple errors are only a short way down the road from crazy cat lady territory are they not?). So I implemented a plan

  • When I see a review I like I bookmark it using delicious (the tool I use for managing all my bookmarks)
  • Every couple of weeks (or when I am in a boring meeting at work and can make it appear as if I am taking copious notes) I go through all my items tagged with book_wishlist and if I still like the look of it I transfer the titles to a document that I can keep on my phone (it’s not a fancy smart phone but it can hold a spreadsheet or two).
  • I also check audible at the same time to see if there’s an audio version of the book and if there is I add it to my wishlist there.
  • I also check bookmooch at the same time to see if there’s a copy available (given that most of the books I’m looking for these days are crime fiction translated into English or Australian crime fiction I don’t have a huge amount of luck but do get lucky sometimes). I have some extra items on my bookmooch wishlist which are books that I am not confident enough to buy but curious enough about to get a ‘free’ copy should one become available.

At the moment my main wishlist is relatively manageable at 45 items (of course it’s only so small because I’ve been buying like a madwoman this year and many items that were on it are now on my TBR shelves). Of those, I’ve highlighted 5 that I particularly can’t wait to get hold of:

  • Adrian Hyland’s Gunshot Road is due out here in July (it’s already been released in the US which seems all wrong because it’s an Australian book by an Australian author but I’m not bitter I promise). The book is a follow up to Diamond Dove which I loved and am excited to see what happens next.
  • Water Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar which I want to read because of Maxine’s review at Petrona. She anointed it her pick of the month for May so I know it must be very good indeed.
  • Shona MacLean’s A Game of Sorrows is a follow up to The Redemption of Alexander Seaton which I read last month and really enjoyed. I know it’s already been released but I’m waiting to see if an audio version will become available.
  • Leah Giarratano’s Watch the World Burn was published on 1 June. I’ve really loved all her Jill Jackson books so far and will need to go out and buy this one soon. I put it off because I’ve become a bit spoiled buying so many cheap books from Book Depository that having to pay Australian retail prices irks me a little but it will have to be done.
  • Linda Castillo’s second crime novel set in Amish country, Pray for Silence, is due for release soon and I enjoyed the first book very much so am keen to get my hands on this too.
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9 Responses to Weekly Geeks 2010-20 – The Wishlist

  1. At times I have bought crime fiction novels after reading your blog. Thanks!



  2. Bernadette – You have such a very organized way of keeping track of books that you want! I am impressed. By the way I think you’ll like A Game of Sorrows, since you liked The Redemption of Alexander Seaton as much as you did. And I’m eager to read Pray for Silence, too. And Watery Blue Eyes. Maxine’s reviews (yours, too) have that effect on my TBR list.


  3. Rikki says:

    That sounds like a very elaborate system you have developed. I must get into some sort of routine myself when it comes to this. Thanks for the ideas.


  4. Maxine says:

    Great system! So now I know what people who tap away on their Blackberries in meetings are really up to 😉
    I am not as connected up as you – I tend to keep all the books I come across that I want to read in my Amazon basket, which is vast. Of course, it has things in there that have been there for so long that I have no idea why or what they are.
    Then when you recommended GoodReads I put my “real” books on there (books I have physically, but have not read) so there is another list.
    I also have a “microblog” called Filament (there have been 2 previous incarnations) where I bookmark reviews and suchlike I come across about books that interest me and I might read.
    Then I log the books I am reading as I read them at my book review archive (and now, on GoodReads also – I sometimes get out of synch!).

    I am quite keen to try the second Linda Castillo book, and definitely want to try Leah G sometime.


  5. Cathy says:

    Since you’re not bitter, I’ll tell you that I’ve just started reading Gunshot Road, and it’s a scorcher today so I’m about to head off to the pool with it. (At least it’s got the same title in both our countries.) It *is* totally crazy that I can visit the Poisoned Pen here in Phoenix and get a copy of an Australian author’s book before someone in Australia can!


  6. restlessreader says:

    Hi. I found your blog through the Weekly Geeks link. I love the design of your blog – very creative.

    Please check out my wish list on Restless Reader!


  7. jiescribano says:

    At least I’m not the only one who bought a book I already own. Nice post Bernadette.


  8. BooksPlease says:

    I’ve also bought copies of books I already own – good for presents though. I ‘m not at all organised with my wishlists. I have two on Amazon, one for books I ‘know’ I’d like and one for books I need to find out more about before deciding whether I’d like them, but I then forget about them. I’m so impressed by your system.


  9. Marg says:

    I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of books that I want to read. As soon as I hear of something I might be interest in I head on over to the library to check if the book is available there, and then I start looking at other options.

    That is pretty poor about the Adrian Hyland. Now I am off to the library catalogue to check if they at least have it on order yet!

    By the way, I recently started a direct for Australian Book Bloggers. If you are interested in finding out more, there are more details on my blog here here


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