How Aussie are You?

Looking at my visitor stats most of you are not at all Aussie but I couldn’t pass up this mostly un-book related meme. It lists 101 Aussie activities and the idea is to see how many you’ve done. I pinched the meme from And the plot thickens and the entries in bold are the ones I have done.

  1. Heard a kookaburra in person.
  2. Slept under the stars. (the whole family used to sleep in our driveway during summer when I was a kid – no air conditioning)
  3. Seen a koala. (even held one)
  4. Visited Melbourne.
  5. Watched a summer thunderstorm.
  6. Worn a pair of thongs.
  7. Been to Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  8. Visited Cape York.
  9. Held a snake (just the once)
  10. Sang along with Khe San (drunk and sober)
  11. Drank VB. (again, just the once, I prefer my beer not to taste like pee)
  12. Visited Sydney. (used to live there)
  13. Have seen a shark (only in an acquarium)
  14. Have used Aussie (and NZ) slang naturally in a conversation.
  15. Had an actual conversation with an indigenous Australian (Aboriginal)
  16. Eaten hot chips from the bag at the beach
  17. Walked/climbed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  18. Used an outside dunny, and checked under the seat before sitting down.
  19. Seen Chloe in Young & Jackson’s (it’s a pub in Melbourne, been there several times but no idea who Chloe is)
  20. Slept on an overnight train or bus (both, on the overnight train to Melbourne I was robbed and then locked in the train carriage with the robber, the long-haul bus trips between Sydney and Adelaide in the late 80’s when the pilot strike was on were not quite that exciting)
  21. Been to Sydney’s Mardi Gras (what fun)
  22. Have gone bush-bashing
  23. Taken a sickie (though the official terminology is ‘chucked a sickie’)
  24. Been to see a game of Aussie Rules football. (sadly)
  25. Have seen wild camels (Northern Territory is full of ’em)
  26. Gone skinny dipping. (not for a long time though, the world doesn’t need that these days)
  27. Done a Tim Tam Slam.
  28. Ridden in a tram in Melbourne.
  29. Been at an ANZAC day Dawn Service.
  30. Held a wombat.
  31. Been on a roadtrip of 800km or more (heck there are days I’ve done 800kms before lunch)
  32. Seen the Great Australian Bight in person. (well not all of it but a good chunk of it, have even swum in it and been on a boat on it)
  33. Had a really bad sunburn.
  34. Visited an Aboriginal community.
  35. Seen a redback spider (including one that ran across my childhood friend Glenn’s leg and disappeared inside his shorts – never seen fear quite like it on a person’s face)
  36. Have watched Paul Hogan.
  37. Seen Blue Poles in person.
  38. Wandered barefoot in the bush/outback.
  39. Eaten Vegemite.
  40. Thrown a boomerang (but my boomerang didn’t come back)
  41. Seen the Kimberleys.
  42. Given a hitch-hiker a lift. (I used to drive regularly between Sydney and Adelaide – 1400kms of pure boredom including the longest stretch of straight road in the world – it was either pick up hitch-hikers or poke my own eyes out with a pencil to keep awake)
  43. Been to Perth.
  44. Have tried Lemon, Lime and Bitters.
  45. Tried playing a didgeridoo.
  46. Seen dinosaur footprints.
  47. Eaten Tim Tams.
  48. Been to Darwin.
  49. Touched a kangaroo.
  50. Visted the Great Barrier Reef.
  51. Listened to Kevin Bloody Wilson. (more’s the pity)
  52. Killed a Cane Toad.
  53. Gone to a drive-in theatre.
  54. Have read and own books by Australian authors (see I knew I could relate this to books, here are my reviews of Aussie authors)
  55. Visited Adelaide. (I live there)
  56. Know the story behind “Eternity” (if it’s the one about the homeless drunk who sobered up and started doing graffiti)
  57. Been camping.
  58. Visited Brisbane.
  59. Been in an outback pub.
  60. Know what the term “Waltzing Matilda” actually means.
  61. Gone whale watching.
  62. Listened to Slim Dusty. (even saw the man walking down the street in Tamworth when dragged there by a country music loving friend)
  63. Own five or more Australian movies or TV series.
  64. Sang along to Down Under.
  65. Have stopped specifically to look at an historic marker by the side of the road.
  66. Eaten a 4′n’20 pie.
  67. Surfed at Bondi. (I do not surf though have been to Bondi)
  68. Watched the cricket on Boxing Day.
  69. Visited Hobart.
  70. Eaten kangaroo.
  71. Seen a quokka.
  72. Visited Canberra.
  73. Visited rainforests.
  74. Used a Victa lawnmower.
  75. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide.
  76. Used a Hills hoist (does swinging around on it hanging by one leg actually count as ‘used’?)
  77. Visited Kata Tjuta
  78. Used native Australian plants in cooking.
  79. Visited the snow (not in this country)
  80. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford (the most pointless debate on earth)
  81. Visited the desert.
  82. Been water skiing
  83. Read The Phantom.
  84. Visited Parliament House
  85. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting.
  86. Crossed the Nullarbor (on foot? on camel? I flew over it does that count?)
  87. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles.
  88. Listened to AC/DC.
  89. Called someone a dag.
  90. Voted in a Federal Election. (I am such a dag that when I was 17 I signed up especially early on the electoral roll so that I could participate in the election that was due a few days after I turned 18)
  91. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags.
  92. Had a possum in your roof.
  93. Visited the outback.
  94. Travelled over corrugated roads.
  95. Hit a kangaroo while driving (not me driving but was in the car when someone else hit one)
  96. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage.
  97. Seen an emu.
  98. Have woken to the smell of bushfires.
  99. Subscribed to RRR (no, but have done to the Adelaide equivalent)
  100. Patted a pure-bred dingo
  101. Seen the Oils live (I once was sweated on by Oils lead singer, the very lively Peter Garrett who is now the Federal Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts…and they say the world isn’t a peculiar place).

Feel free to play along and if you need any translations let me know.

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12 Responses to How Aussie are You?

  1. Bernadette – Oh, these are great! Er – I’m not an Aussie, though, although there are several of these I would love to do.


  2. Maxine says:

    Wow! I must do one for How English are you? – but probably could not come up with 100. Seems as if you are pretty Australian, anyway, as if we couldn’t have guessed!


  3. kathy d. says:

    Actually, I’ve done 13 of these things, but all in the U.S., so don’t know if they count.


  4. Craig says:

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve come out at about 70-75% Aussie… have done a few of the things you haven’t Bernadette (been to Kata-Tjuta, seen a shark in the wild, not gone swimming in NT due to crocs (actually I’ve swum somewhere where we saw crocs downriver 10mins later), been to Darwin, seen dinosaur footprints, etc), but haven’t seen the Oils live etc (though I do own several of their CDs), don’t own that many Aussie movies/TV shows on DVD (though I have rented out both series of Underbelly, The Castle, Crackerjack, Kenny, and several others, and also used to love Police Rescue etc), surfed at Bondi (I don’t surf) etc


  5. Maxine I was actually a bit surprised to see how many I had done – I often feel a bit like a fish out of water here as there are several great Australian pass times that bore me to tears (watching/talking about/re-hashing and generally banging on about our version of footy being the biggest one).

    As for those of you who have done Aussie things outside the US we’re always pleased to spread Aussie-ness around the world and we like appropriating other people as ‘ours’.


  6. JoV says:

    Wow a long list of what it means to be an Australian.. Haven’t done many of these, but I have a stuff Koala when I was younger, and it was my favourite toy, does that count? 😀


  7. kathy durkin says:

    What is the deal about Darwin?


  8. JoV – it’s probably not that different having a stuffed Koala versus a real one as the real ones sleep most of the time and would appear to be stuffed – but they do pee a lot too which is not a good thing 🙂

    Kathy, I am right at the bottom of the country in the middle and Darwin is directly above me on the top coast – it’s a looooong way to go. I have been to other places in the Northern Territory (the state which Darwin is capital of) but never made it all the way to to Darwin itself – one reason being it is very tropical there and I really don’t do well in tropical heat (I tend to wilt). One day I’ll go I guess but I’m in no rush.


  9. Barbara says:

    Everything I know about Australia I know from reading Australian writers and knowing Australian readers. Though I did see a Kookabura in an American zoo just the other day… and we learned Waltzing Matilda in school and I still remember most of the verses.


  10. kathy durkin says:

    I’ve known “Waltzing Matilda’s” words since my childhood and didn’t know the real meaning until I just read about it, thanks to google. Thanks for contributing to my education, and yes–what I have learned about Australia has been from Peter Temple and Adrian Hyland’s books, the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence,” and a few more movies, and meeting a woman from Tasmania, whose grandmother was Indigenous and from Tasmania.


  11. Carin B. says:

    I loved looking at this meme from the Australian bloggers I’ve found. Makes me want to visit your country! Very cool!


  12. JoV says:

    LOL.. I forgot to tell you my stuffed koala had real Koala fur and smell leathery.
    I hope no koala is murdered in the process! 😀


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