Crikey it’s crime fiction

In addition to being a crime fiction fan I am a bit of a politics junkie. Because I despair of the coverage the subject gets in the mainstream media (you would not believe the amount of column inches devoted to our new lady Prime Minister’s hair) (in case you don’t know, not only is she a woman and therefore defined by her appearance but her partner is a hairdresser) (they can’t decide what to write more about: the wonderfulness of having a hairdresser on tap or the fact our fearless leader lives in unmarried, mortal & childless sin with a person of the opposite gender) I decided to fork out for a paid subscription to an online independent news source called Crikey*. I’ve read their free stuff for a while but decided I really should put my money where my mouth is.

In yet more evidence that doing the right thing is good for you this action has had an unexpectedly pleasant impact on my crime fiction addiction too. I have just received my subscriber’s gift pack which included…

Season 1 of Danish crime show The Killing on DVD. I never saw it when it aired here but I have previously devoured Wallander (the Swedish version), Spiral (from France) and Unit One (also Danish) so I have every expectation that this will provide me with an entertaining diversion when the need arises (sadly no Lars Brygmann but you rarely get everything you want in life)


A copy of Ian Flemming’s From Russia with Love which I shall read because I don’t recall ever reading a Bond book.

I even got a set of cute playing cards featuring Crikey’s very own comic strip characters.

The package also included Christopher Hitchens’ new memoir Hitch 22 which I shan’t be reading because I find him an insufferable bore but a colleague at work was very keen to read it and I was very pleased to provide him a shiny new copy all of his very own. Everyone wins.

*yes I do realise that is a stupidly long sentence with too many parentheses, it’s that kind of day

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4 Responses to Crikey it’s crime fiction

  1. Bernadette – It looks like you got some wonderful loot there! And I know just what you mean about the media handles politics. I shake my head, too, at some of the stories that our media does on our politicians…


  2. Louise says:

    Bernadette, I am curious to see what you say about The Killing. It was called The Crime when it premiered in Denmark – and there is also a sequel called The Crime II 🙂 And as far as I remember, Lars Brygmann is not in that one either. The Killing was an instant hit here in Denmark. I didn’t see the first season though, but did see number 2.


  3. Dorte H says:

    Oh, Louise stole my line! In my opinion Unit One is better (and not only for Lars Brygman), but let´s see if you agree.


  4. Bronwyn says:

    Bernadette I’m equally amazed by the response to Julia Gillard’s hair, partner etc.
    Imagine if she had no partner though -the response would be even more astounding.
    Like you Dorte I preferred Unit One. It was definitely the better for having the tasty Lars in it but then anything would be in my opinion! But Unit One had humour and the warmth of the relationships between the characters to give it an extra dimension.


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