Wanna Know A Secret?

Actually I don’t really reveal any secrets (gotta retain that air of mystery right?) but I have been included on The Book on the Hill‘s Book Blogging Around the World feature this week.  I answered Charlotte’s regular questions about my blog and what I love about Australia.

I’ve been following Charlotte’s blog since I learned she was a professional reader (I’m so jealous) and even though I don’t read a lot of YA (which is what Charlotte mostly reviews) I find it a great place to get recommendations for books to buy my nieces and I love Charlotte’s blog design and drawings. Do check out the interview and Charlotte’s blog.

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4 Responses to Wanna Know A Secret?

  1. Bernadette – How terrific! I’m popping over right now.


  2. Marg says:

    How do you get a job as a professional reader? Pretty sure I have the experience necessary for that gig!


  3. kathy durkin says:

    This was a terrific interview. I’m fascinated by life in Australia but was about to say New York is a good place to live and has some of the same attributes, but when I saw great weather and clean streets, that kind of eliminated the Big Apple, but being able to walk to work, bookstores, great parks, have tons of restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, etc., that is true. Library branches are everywhere, too, and are worth visiting.
    Had not known the Australian writer “who shall not be named,” but did a google search and found him–not impressed, haven’t heard of him. But I did write down Leah Giarratano and her books aren’t in the library here, but Book Depository and Amazon have them. Thanks for that idea.


  4. JoV says:

    Wonderful interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it, made me giggle silly. I love your Aussie map of crocodiles and sharks! Do post a picture of you riding the Kangaroo. 😉

    You got me really curious about Peter Carey (There, I just named him “who shall not be named”), I need to read one of his books and see what I think about it!


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