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If, like me, you like to listen to books you’re probably in the market for reviews specifically about audiobooks. While on the one hand audio books are just a different format and don’t require special reviews, it is always good to be able to access information that is specific to the format (such as the style and competence of the narrator). There is a new resource on the web that delivers audio book reviews in abundance.

Audiobook Jukebox is an ever-growing database of reviews of audio books written by book bloggers reading all manner of genres. The site offers a place for anyone who has published a review of an audio book somewhere online to have that review incorporated into the Audiobook Jukebox database. Readers/Listeners then access the database for reviews of books they’re interested in. You can either search for specific titles, authors or narrators or browse through the sites genre or publisher categories to find reviews of audio books. Of course you can also subscribe to the blog and learn immediately when new reviews have been added to the database

Before you ask, this is not a paid advertisement. The site is the brainchild of two well known book bloggers and audio book experts (Audiobook DJ and Beth Fish Reads) and is quickly turning into one of my favourite online resources that I want everyone to know about.

If you review audio books why not make it a practice to notify Audiobook Jukebox (via the monthly Mr Linky post specifically for the purpose) to help the database grow? I have provided links to most of my audio book reviews (which you can always access via the separate page for audio book reviews on this site) and will be regularly adding links to any new audiobook reviews I write from now on.

If you’re a listener looking for reviews of audio books I suggest you add Audiobook Jukebox to your RSS reader or favourites list so you can check in regularly for new reviews of audio books.

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3 Responses to Audibook Jukebox

  1. Mason Canyon says:

    What a neat idea. Thanks for the link. I’ll check this out.

    Thoughts in Progress


  2. Bernadette – Thanks for this useful resource! I’m glad there’s a place out there for people who like listening to their books. As you say, there are a few things (such as the skill of the narrator) that are unique about audiobooks, so it’s nice to have a resource specifically for that format.


  3. Beth F says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for the nice write-up. It’s great to know that others are finding the site useful. We truly appreciate it that you’ve shared your links with audiobook listeners in the blogosphere.


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