The impossible just takes a little longer

Apparently my rant last week about the sorry state of eBook stores made some of you feel sad for me and my difficulties in acquiring eBooks (being outside the US and not a Kindle owner). So this week it’s time to fess up: despite my long list of grievances against eBook sellers I have managed to acquire a healthy (too healthy?) number of eBooks during my first month of trying.

If you really must know the number it’s 20 <insert emoticon for hanging head in shame>. Apparently buying an eReader has done nothing for my acquisitiveness, though all but one of the books I’ve acquired were cheap ($12AUD or less) and several were entirely free.

So far I’ve read these three books on my eReader and enjoyed the reading experience very much (more about that next week). I bought 2 of these and received the other for review via Net Galley).

These are some of the titles awaiting me




Oh and as I mentioned I fell in love with Harry Hole recently so was compelled to buy these three

I would feel particularly guilty about these purchases because it will probably be 12 months before I read the first one (I have one more physical Harry Hole book to read first) except they were all on special so really I was saving money 🙂

I must give a big thanks to taphappy who left a comment at my rant last week offering a suggestion for a store to try. Read Without Paper is an eBooks-only store based in Australia but selling worldwide and I am happy to report it offers the best eBook buying experience I’ve had so far. The prices are decent, the range is good and they make it clear right up front whether or not the book is available in your country and what formats are available. It does lack two things which I desperately want (a wishlist/save for later facility and an alert system to receive a notification when items you’re interested in are added to the store’s catalogue) but overall I’d give it a B+ on my bookstore rating scale (the next store on the list would scrape in at a C-).

So don’t feel too distressed on my behalf. While it may take a bit more time and effort for me to track down the sorts of things I want to read than it does the average Kindle owner perhaps it means I appreciate my eBooks a little more because I’ve had to work to get them. So far I’ve loved reading using the device and am happy with the choice I made.


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6 Responses to The impossible just takes a little longer

  1. Jose Ignacio says:

    Glad for you Bernadette. And very interesting books ahead to read. Although I’ve only read Mallo’s, I’ve most of them on my TBR shelves already.


  2. Norman says:

    Harry Hole addicts always claim they are saving money. ;o) I hope you enjoy those Nesbos, and Nemesis.


  3. Maxine says:

    You have done better than me on netgalley. I joined and put in a request a couple of weeks ago but have not received the book yet. Maybe they don’t like Kindles 😉


  4. kathy durkin says:

    Congratulations on finding an e-books store that serves your reading needs. It sounded glum, but things have surely turned around on that score.
    Can’t wait to read your reviews.
    Now this is tempting me to order more real books, but I must be realistic and a bit frugal and use the library to the max, even if it means (impatiently) waiting for books.
    (Also: I finished “Let the Dead Lie,” and while I really liked this book, characters, and backstory, and anti-apartheid tone, I found that the international post-WWII intrigues were a bit overblown and that sticking with a South-Africa-only story might have been sufficient. I still would give this book 5 stars.)


  5. Marg says:

    Thanks for that link. I had a quick look during lunch and saw a few things that I might wish to purchase! Although, I was hoping to reduce the amount of money that I spend on books not increase!


  6. Keishon says:

    I bought the Anne Cleaves Blue Lightning. Thanks for the heads up. Of course I can’t use your new ebook store. Grrrr.


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