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This week I’m linking to the sites I have found useful so far in my eAdventure. If you have other suggestions please leave a link in the comments below.

  • BookBee concentrates on news and device reviews with the added advantage (from my perspective) of containing news specifically relating to Australian eBook happenings in addition to all the international goings on.
  • EBook Reader Blog has really good, detailed reviews (usually in print and video format) of virtually every model of reader released and loads of other handy information like comparison tables, how-to guides on a range of eBook related subjects and links to other websites of interest. If you have not yet bought an eReader but are thinking of doing so I highly recommend checking out their how-to choose an eReader guide and watching the video reviews of the devices you’re considering.
  • Mobile Read Forums are for people who read eBooks or use eReaders. There are general discussion topics as well as categories for particular devices, news and so on. The people are nice and it’s a good place to get help if you have any technical snafus or general queries. It also has discussions for writers who want to produce eBooks. I haven’t really looked at those topics but if they are as helpful as the others on the site they would be a good resource for potential eBook authors
  • Calibre is software that is free (though donations are asked for) and can be used both to create eVersions of books (for authors or for people who have non-DRM’d files in the wrong format for their device) and to manage your eBook library should you be so inclined. The functionality is outstanding, the interface takes a little getting used to but it’s worth persevering.
  • TeleRead is another news, reviews and opinion blog which has great content but the post per day count is high (generally 10-20)

As I ranted about last week buying eBooks legally became somewhat more difficult when UK publishers told UK booksellers to stop selling to us outsiders so here is a list of places that are still (as of today) (it’s an ever-changing world though) selling traditionally published books to unclean people such as myself

  • Read Without Paper (though not all books are available worldwide but it’s reasonably easy to determine this per book)
  • Book Depository (this links to the .com domain but the .co.uk one also is still OK to use)
  • eBooks.com (it’s a US-based site and only a fraction of books are available to Australians though quite a few Asian countries and parts of Europe seem to be luckier)
  • Borders.com.au (though it is a godawful website to use and the prices of new release books are exorbitant however the prices on backlist titles are often fair and are generally comparable with overseas pricing
  • There are plenty of sites where you can dip your toe in the water of self-published and/or independently published reading for only a few dollars (or for free in many cases). The only one that I have used so far is Smashwords.


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5 Responses to eXcellent eLinks

  1. Kerrie says:

    Thanks Bernadette


  2. Bernadette – I have to admit, I haven’t yet got an E-reader. I will, I’m sure save up and buy one at some point, but I haven’t purchased one yet. Those links do look quite helpful, though, and I am glad you’re enjoying your reader.

    I liked your rant, too :-).


  3. Maxine says:

    Very useful post, thanks! (Even for one outside Oz). I got an email today from the “Cadence group” starting out:
    The Cadence Group will soon be offering eBook review campaigns. We are really excited about launching this program and are reaching out to you to see if you would like to be included on our list of potential eBook reviewers. The Cadence Group offers books for review across all categories, age groups and genres.

    So I said OK, they could offer me suggestions. http://www.thecadencegrp.com if you want to check it out – nothing about geography in the email, at least!


  4. rikkiscraps says:

    Thanks for this list, Bernadette. I totally love Calibre and don’t know what I would do without it.


  5. All good sites. I might also suggest subscribing to books and publisher blog, just to keep an eye on the ‘industry news’


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