Weekly Geeks 2010-40: Guilty Pleasures

This week, contributors to weekly geeks are asked to share the books we love but are embarrassed to be seen reading.

I don’t have any.

I’m sure I read things that other people class as their guilty pleasures. I’m certain that many people think I should be embarrassed by much of what I read (largely genre fiction after all) but of all the things in the world there are to worry about, what other people think of the books I read does not even make it to my radar.

I’m Catholic and spent 12 years being taught at strict Catholic schools so I know a little something about guilt. Even so, I flatly refuse to feel guilty for spending my free time in a way that I enjoy and that doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Could I be reading books that are more literate, informative, educational or generally worthy?


Do I worry that I’m not?


Will I get to my deathbed and regret not having read more books about personal growth, and/or the human condition.

Possible but highly unlikely.

And while I have many, many faults one of them is not  being judgmental about the books you choose to read. There are genres and authors that hold no interest for me but if you find entertainment, enjoyment or pleasure from them then I say good luck to you. I hope you don’t feel guilty about them.

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5 Responses to Weekly Geeks 2010-40: Guilty Pleasures

  1. kathy durkin says:

    No guilt in reading, not at all. It’s about personal enjoyment and what you read is your choice, like in music or art or anything else. It’s a healthy diversion. A friend says “you always learn something from a book.” And it’s your life; you have to chart the course toward your own enrichment and enjoyment. It’s about distraction, taking a “virtual vacation” and escaping–or that’s my preference. No one else can tell anyone else what they should enjoy, although we can, of course, recommend good books and pan bad ones.
    And everyone has his/her own preference on reading. Even good friends and realtives can sharply differ on book taste.
    Reading is about pleasure, enjoyment, fun. Gosh, no guilt. Everyone has to work for a living and has therefore earned the right to choose what to do for enjoyment. Particular books aren’t required unless one is in school or has to read something for a job. Other than that, just make one’s choices, dig in and enjoy.
    I read the newspapers and online news every day and after that, it’s fiction, especially mysteries whenever I have a chance. And I have no guilt, although I came from two cultures where guilt was strong. Luckily, one side of the family read mysteries! And still does, a tradition I’ll gladly keep going.


  2. Bernadette – Well-said!! There should be no guilt at all in reading, whatever it is one reads. I truly could not have said that better myself. I’m printing and clipping this and posting it up :-).


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hear, hear!

    Sometimes I even enjoy rubbing it in the noses of my colleagues how many crime novels I read. I don´t think my young colleagues bother much about looking down on anyone elses taste in reading, either, but some of the older Danish teachers can be quite outspoken when it comes to explaining why they don´t appreciate crime fiction.


  4. Dorte H says:

    Oh dear, I didn´t want to be anonymous – it´s is just me and my new computer 😀


  5. Steph says:

    Love this! I constantly get made fun of by my boss for reading anything at all. I think it’s not meant to be mean, she’s just not used to someone who enjoys reading more than film/television (I live in LA and work with actors if that explains anything–haha).

    But this is exactly why I put The Great Gatsby on my guilty pleasures list–It’s the kind of novel that should be on my list of favorites, so I’m embarrassed that it actually is.


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