Review: A Killer Plot by Ellery Adams

I picked this one up from the ‘new’ shelves at my local library but was going to take it back unread due to my new focus on only reading the books I already own/planned to read but Cathy prompted me to read it before taking it back.

Olivia Limoges has moved back to the town where she was born, Oyster Bay in North Carolina. Having experienced some personal tragedies in her life she is something of a loner, preferring the company of Captain Haviland, her highly trained standard poodle, than other people. Almost against her will though she is drawn into friendship with a group of local writers who meet regularly to discuss and critique each other’s work. When one of the group is killed and a haiku left next to the body Olivia and the other members of the writer’s group all feel a particular interest in investigating the murder.

I really enjoyed this introduction to a new series with its great location and interesting characters. Olivia is working on a novel set in ancient Egypt in between her business interests which include owning the town’s only 5-star restaurant and being a member of the town’s Planning Committee. She is aloof and a bit prickly but she has a practical approach to helping people when they’re in need and I liked her. It probably helped that she treated her dog with the deference and adoration that all dogs deserve. There are loads of great minor characters too who I will enjoy getting to know in future installments of this series.

I thought the resolution to the mystery was a little bit awkward and unnecessarily complicated but overall the plot development was solid and importantly did not involve depicting the official investigators as moronic simpletons. There’s lots going on in the novel though as the body count piles up and the alibis are scrutinized and the tension builds nicely. Overall it’s a fun, light mystery with a load of engaging characters and if you are a dog lover I think it’s one you will particularly enjoy.

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A Killer Plot has been reviewed at Kittling Books

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My rating 3/5
Author website
Publisher Berkley Prime Crime [2010]
ISBN 9780425235225
Length 311 pages
Format mass market paperback
Book Series Number #1 in the Books by the Bay series
Source borrowed from the library

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  1. Bernadette – OK, you sold me with the dog theme ;-). Seriously, though, characters are so important to a story that I’m glad the ones in these are interesting. I’ve often found that good – really good – characters can make up for other weaknesses in a story. This one does sound like a good, light read. Thanks 🙂


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