Are you Fair Dinkum about your Australian Crime fiction?

courtesy stock.xchng.comWe are. Kerrie (of Mysteries in Paradise) and I have revamped our ‘other’ blog and are re-launching it today (Australia Day here in Oz) as Fair Dinkum Crime.

The blog will be the (well a) place to go for reviews of Australian crime fiction (anything by an Australian author or set in Australia) and we’ll also be including news, new release information and author interviews.

Fair dinkum is an Australian colloquial phrase which means genuine or true. As in,

“Is that a fake Rolex you’re wearing?”

“Na, it’s fair dinkum, mate”.

Its first recorded use in Australian writing was in 1888’s Robbery Under Arms, a novel in which a bushranger on death row recounts his life experiences including his life of crime. A fitting phrase for a crime fiction blog, no?

Please join us at Fair Dinkum Crime and bookmark us or subscribe so you can keep up to date with great suggestions for Australian crime fiction reading.

And Happy Australia Day to you all. Tradition demands that you stop work (even the unpaid kind like cleaning your house), have a beer (or tipple of choice) and relax. A good book is optional but highly recommended 🙂

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8 Responses to Are you Fair Dinkum about your Australian Crime fiction?

  1. Bernadette – Thanks so much for the work you’ve put into your new blog. I’m very happy to hear the news. And Happy Australia Day!!


  2. Maxine says:

    Well done, Bernadette and Kerrie, I’ll add the site too. Crime Down Under seems to have stopped updating a good while (over a year) ago which is disappointing as it is a good site or was). So it is good to have an alternative. Is there any relation between your new site and Aust Crime Fiction (Karen C) whose rss feed I can never get worked out properly?


  3. Maxine says:

    PS I should have added, there is so much great Australian crime fiction being written these days. Out of my non-European favourites that I reviewed last year, 3 of 5 were Australian – a Temple, a Hyland and a Gwynne (plus one US and one Argentina). And there could easily have been more.


  4. bibliolathas says:

    Another great resource to encourage me to read a lot more Australian crime writing.


  5. I will be looking forward to more great review from Fair Dinkum crime.


  6. kathy durkin says:

    Happy Australia Day!
    Yes to Australia crime fiction. Last year I read books by Temple, Hyland, Disher, and Nunn, who lives there but writes about South Africa. Good books, all of them. Look forward to reading more by writers from Oz, especially women authors.


  7. here says:

    Im having a little problem. I cant get my reader to pick-up your feed, Im using aol reader by the way.


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