Books of the Month – April 2011

Book of the month

I’ve already gushed a quite bit about Catherine O’Flynn’s What Was Lost. It’s funny, clever, totally unpredictable and utterly gorgeous. Read it (or listen if you can, the narration is wonderful too). My favourite book of the year so far.

In any other month I think the Ariana Franklin book I read would have scored book-of-the-month honours.

Books read this month

Just Because (i.e. not for a challenge)

Aussie Authors Challenge (6 read, 6 to go)

Eastern European Challenge (2 read, 2 to go)

Global Challenge (7 read, 7 to go)

  • Nick Brownlee – Bait (2.5 stars) (Audio)

Historical Fiction Challenge (3 read, 2 to go)

Toppling that TBR

My overall challenge for this year is to reduce the number of books I have on hand to read from 200 (as at 1 January 2011) to 80. Progress has been, to say the least, slow but I’m at least heading in the right direction now with my TBR standing at 180 at the end of April (I had a bit of a cull of books I know I’ll never read as well as reading more from books I already own). Only 100 books to go 🙂

To help me further I’m planning to follow the challenge found by José Ignacio from The Game’s Afoot in which you have to list and read 6 books from your TBR before you can buy a new book. I’ll at least do this for my print books (I tend to buy audio ones as I need them) (which is of course what I should do with all my formats). I’ve also made some changes to the way I manage my wishlist. Hope to report positive progress next month.

Books acquired this month

I did acquire 12 books in April but I have already read 6 of those (mostly audio books, as I only ever have 1 or 2 unread audio books in reserve) and another is the one which gave me a tingly feeling when I knew it was being released and I’m reading it right now. So there are only 5 books which will sit on TBR pile for a spell which is a marked improvement on previous months. These new ones that I’ve yet to read are set in England, Finland, Australia, Cambodia and Brazil…what a trip I’ve got coming up.

What’s up for May?

I’ll finish Caleb’s Crossing then I’ll pluck these from the TBR (promise)

Chart of the Month

I’ve culled my TBR of a few books that had been hanging around for years but you can see from this chart that nearly 40% of my books have been on the shelves for longer than 18 months. If I don’t read these this year they’re all going to a charity shop.

What about you? Read anything remarkable in April? Got something you’re particularly looking forward to in May? How are you going with any reading challenges that you’re participating in or have set for yourself?

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7 Responses to Books of the Month – April 2011

  1. My favorite was “A Night of Long Knives” with “13 Hours” in a close second. But, to tell the truth, I enjoyed pretty much everything I reviewed in April!


  2. JoV says:

    Too much distractions in April. Easter holidays in Scotland, Royal Wedding etc etc…

    In the Country of Men by Hisham Matar was my favourite for the month, a book read coincide with the Libyan uprising from an author whose father was whisked off by Gaddafi’s secret police since 1990 and never reappeared since.

    I hope I finish reading more books in May. 5 to 6 a month seems to be very few. Of course when it comes to library loan and book buying, I have absolutely no self control. 😦

    Have a great month of May, Bernadette.


  3. Bernadette – I agree completely about What Was Lost. Folks, please, read it. I’m glad that a lot of the books you’ve read have been good finds :-). And don’t worry about that TBR progress; you should see mine *sigh*. Oh, and as always, love that chart!


  4. Kerrie says:

    You are doing very well Bernadette. Are you still reading e-books? I’m not sure that my TBR is diminishing at all. People keep sending me books! I haven’t bought any made form paper ones for ages, but e-books are another story altogether


  5. Maxine says:

    Bit cheeky of Dan W, calling his book Atonement! I’ll have to check out your 4 and 4.5 star reads – still waiting for the Martin Edwards to come out over here. I am glad you chose What Was Lost for your book of the month, as I think it is a marvellous novel.

    (I’ve now managed to get my e-book queue back to zero, not sure how long that will last, though.)


  6. Dorte H says:

    Hm. I reviewed 11 books in April, which is fine, but I ordered 13, which is less fine.
    The best book was definitely Sigurdardottir´s Ashes and Dust, but two of the others were close contenders.


  7. Kathy D. says:

    Loved “What Was Lost,” when I read it a few years ago, the atmosphere of the workplace, the characters, a feel for working-class life in that city, all of it. Very well-written.
    April was a good reading month for me, with satisfying reads of “Nemesis,” by Nesbo, Atkinson’s “Started Early, Walked My Dog,” and the gem of a police procedural, Sjowall and Wahloo’s first book, “Roseanna.” All were fine books for different reasons — Nesbo’s as an excellent unputdownable thriller until the last page; Atkinson’s for character development and human understanding (and concern for children) and Sjowall and Wahloo’s for just being one of the best police procedurals written (I could read these every day, sorry there are only 10).


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