Aussie Authors Challenge done and dusted

This year I went for the True Blue level of the Aussie Authors challenge which requires reading 12 books by Aussie authors during the year (at least 9 by different authors) and am pleased to wrap it up before the mid-way point of the year. I still have a pile of books by Aussie authors left to read though, perhaps I can double this amount by the end of the year?

Books read

  1. Death Mask by Kathryn Fox (4.5 stars)
  2. Document Z by Andrew Croome (4 stars)
  3. Cold Justice by Katherine Howell (4.5 stars)
  4. Line of Sight by David Whish-Wilson (4 stars)
  5. The Tower by Michael Duffy (3.5 stars)
  6. The Black Russian by Lenny Bartulin (3.5 stars)
  7. The Wreckage by Michael Robotham (4 stars)
  8. Naked Cruelty by Colleen McCullough (2 stars)
  9. How the Dead See by David Owen (4 stars)
  10. Beyond Fear by Jaye Ford (3 stars)
  11. Violent Exposure by Katherine Howell (4.5 stars)
  12. The Pericles Commission by Gary Corby (3.5 stars)

Although these are all crime fiction novels there’s quite a range of sub-genres including police procedurals, a comedy caper, a romantic suspense novel and several works of historical fiction. Six of these are by new (to me) authors and I feel lucky to have found some great new authors to follow.

As I only count a book towards one challenge I didn’t count these other books by Aussie authors that I’ve also read this year but that shouldn’t stop you from reading them 🙂




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9 Responses to Aussie Authors Challenge done and dusted

  1. JoV says:

    Well done! I have to give it to you for the focus and persistency. 🙂


  2. lemon123 says:

    This is wonderful. Congratulations.


  3. Bernadette – Well done you! And thanks for sharing all of your reviews, too. My TBR doesn’t thank you ;-), but I do.


  4. Maxine says:

    Wow, Bernadette, that is impressive and, to my shame, I have not read a single one of these. However, I do have a copy of No 3 from the UK publisher so am looking forward to that, especially as it gets your highest mark. I must perhaps give Katharine Fox another try as she is published over here and you give her a high mark too – I did not like her first novel very much for several reasons, but maybe she’s changed since then.


  5. Jose Ignacio says:

    Congratulations Bernadette ans shame on me I’ve only read 1 out of the 3 Aussie books I was expecting to read this year. Way behind.


  6. Kathy D. says:

    Great list! And a motivation for me to try to find some of the higher-starred books at Book Depository or Amazon, or wherever possible. As always, a contribution to my TBR list.


  7. Marg says:

    Well done! I am pretty happy with my Aussie author in take this year!


  8. Congratulations on finishing, and when I get back to life in a week or two, I must get back to read a more varied diet again. But some days a light & cosy read is the only option if I want to actually grasp the story.


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