2011: The Australian Authors

I read 38 books by Australian authors this year, up from 20 last year and increasing the percentage of my reading that is by Aussie authors which I’m happy with.

At Fair Dinkum Crime, the blog I co-host with a fellow crime fiction fan, we recently each listed our 5 most impressive Australian titles that we read this year and I really struggled to narrow down my choices. In case you don’t click the link to find out what mine were I’ll repeat here that Y.A Erskine’s The Brotherhood was my most impressive Aussie book read during the year. It’s an absolutely outstanding novel, especially when you consider it is a debut and I hope we see many more books from Yvette Erskine. The book will definitely be popping up again in my favourite books of the year list.

Here’s my full list, roughly in the order I read them. I’ve used a code to help you incorporate some of these into your reading challenges next year if you are so inclined

  • (F) indicates books by Australian women writers
  • (Oz) is for books set here (or where the bulk of the action takes place here)
  • (HF) indicates historical fiction novels

Even if you’re not into reading challenges I do hope you have an opportunity to read some of these fine Australian books (some of which aren’t even crime fiction!)

  1. Kathryn Fox – Death Mask (pub 2010, 4.5 stars) (F) 
  2. Andrew Croome – Document Z (pub 2009, 4 stars)  (Oz) (HF – 1950’s)
  3. Katherine Howell – Cold Justice (pub 2010, 4.5 stars) (F)  (Oz)
  4. David Whish-Wilson – Line of Sight (pub 2010, 4 stars)  (Oz) (HF – 1970’s)
  5. Adrian d’Hage – The Maya Codex (pub 2010, 3.5 stars)
  6. Michael Duffy – The Tower (pub 2009, 3.5 stars)  (Oz)
  7. Lenny Bartulin – The Black Russian (pub 2010, 3.5 stars)  (Oz)
  8. Geraldine Brooks – Caleb’s Crossing (pub 2011, 4.5 stars) (F) (HF – 1600’s)
  9. Michael Robotham – The Wreckage (pub 2011, 4 stars)
  10. Colleen McCullough – Naked Cruelty  (pub 2010, 2 stars) (F) (HF – 1960’s)
  11. David Owen – How the Dead See (pub 2011, 4 stars)  (Oz)
  12. Jaye Ford – Beyond Fear (pub 2011, 3 stars) (F) (Oz)
  13. Katherine Howell – Violent Exposure (pub 2010, 4.5 stars) (F) (Oz)
  14. Sydney Bauer – Matter of Trust (pub 2010, 2.5 stars) (F)
  15. Gary Corby – The Pericles Commission (pub 2011, 3.5 stars) (HF – 400’s)
  16. Sulari Gentill – A Decline in Prophets  (pub 2011, 4 stars)  (Oz) (HF – 1930’s)
  17. Linda Cockburn – Who Killed Dave? (pub 2009, 3 stars) (F)  (Oz)
  18. Alan Carter – Prime Cut (pub 2011 4.5 stars)  (Oz)
  19. Adrian Hyland – Kinglake-350 (pub 2011, 5 stars (Oz)  – Non fiction
  20. P.D. Martin – Kiss of Death (pub 2010, 3 stars) (F) 
  21. Kerry Greenwood – Dead Man’s Chest (F)  (Oz) (HF – 1920’s)
  22. Chris Womersley – Bereft (pub 2011, no rating)  (Oz) (HF – 1910’s)
  23. Angela Savage – The Half Child (pub 2010, 4 stars) (F) (HF – 1990’s)
  24. Geoffrey McGeachin – The Diggers Rest Hotel (2010, 4 stars)  (Oz) (HF – 1940’s)
  25. J D Cregan – The Wonder of Seldom Seen (pub 2011, 3.5 stars) (Oz)
  26. Kel Robertson – Rip Off (pub 2011, 4 stars)  (Oz)
  27. Christopher Currie – The Ottoman Motel (pub 2011, 3.5 stars) (Oz)
  28. Helen Fitzgerald – The Donor (pub 2011, 4 stars) (F)
  29. Garry Disher – Whispering Death (pub 2011, 4.5 stars) (Oz)
  30. Nicole Watson – The Boundary (pub 2011, 4 stars) (F) (Oz)
  31. Finola Moorhead – Still Murder  (pub 1991, 3 stars) (F) (Oz)
  32. Barry Maitland – Chelsea Mansions (pub 2011, 3.5 stars)
  33. Carolyn Morwood – Death and the Spanish Lady (pub 2011, 3.5 stars) (F)  (Oz) (HF 1910’s)
  34. John M Green – Born to Run  (pub 2011, 3.5 stars)
  35. Y.A. Erskine – The Brotherhood (pub 2011, 5 stars) (F) (Oz)
  36. Kerry Greenwood – Cooking the Books (pub 2011, 3.5 stars) (F) (Oz)
  37. Gary Corby – The Ionia Sanction (pub 2011, 3 stars) (HF – 400’s)
  38. L.A. Larkin – The Genesis Flaw (pub 2010, 2.5 stars) (F) (Oz)
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5 Responses to 2011: The Australian Authors

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – This is most impressive! I am very much in awe of the reading you accomplish. I’m archiving this as I plan to use it as a resource. Just love the charts, too!


  2. Kathy D. says:

    This is terrific reading and I will follow suit and read several in 2012, especially by women from Oz.


  3. I have to admit that I rarely read Australian authors – not by choice that is, but because I rarely see them in bookshops or online, except on your blog and Kerrie’s. So I’ve saved your list and will look out for the books next year.


  4. Jose Ignacio says:

    Bernadette thanks for sharing. Impressive list and lovely charts too.


  5. JoV says:

    It’s interesting you have got 4 pie charts to compare your stats year on year, whereas I have to use the vertical bar charts to identify the trends. As much as I love pie charts, I use more column and bar charts this year, including lines! An increase in reading native authors is always a good news!


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