2011: The Charts

These are, of course, entirely meaningless to anyone but me but it’s too damned hot here to do much else than make pretty charts and hide from the sun.

I read more than ever last year (178 books) which surprises me as my non-reading life was pretty hectic. But I have always turned to books for escape and these days I hardly turn the television on so any leisure time I do have is spent reading. Still I’ve only aimed to read 144 books in the 2012 reading challenge over at Good Reads as something tells me this year might not be quite as amenable to my reading.

I visited 28 countries individually and had a ‘multiple’ category for books where action crossed 3 or more countries.

The chart below looks at the format of the books I read for the last few years. You can probably tell when I discovered audible for downloading audio books and when I bought my eReader. My aim is to be reading pretty much entirely in digital format by 2015 and I’m well on the way. It’s not that I don’t like physical books but I just hate the hassle of storing and disposing of them.

I didn’t have quite as many 5 star ratings this year but I’m still happy that 85% of the books I read were worth rating 3 or above which means ‘worth reading’ on my scale.

There are a few factors I look at when assessing the diversity of my reading including books that are translated, by new authors, by Australian authors and by gender. I’m reasonably pleased with the range of my reading though I’d like to up my percentage of translated fiction a little which I hope to achieve in 2012 by trying to read as many titles eligible for the International Dagger award for translated crime fiction as I can.

There’s not much point me doing a chart to depict the different genres I read as the vast majority of my books were crime fiction. This might change a little in 2012 as the one challenge I’ve signed up for requires me to dabble in some other genres and I have vague ideas of reading a bit more general fiction as well as some non-fiction. We’ll see eh?

Finally a look at the books I acquired during the year. Apart from there being far too many (again) I don’t really draw any meaningful insight from these numbers. One of my unofficial resolutions for 2012 is to use the library more so that I can afford to buy books locally. It costs more than buying from overseas online but I don’t want book shops to disappear from my home town all together. So hopefully next year this chart will look a little different.

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14 Responses to 2011: The Charts

  1. JoV says:

    I love your charts! I really do. Crime fiction authors tend to publish a book a year, in my view very prolific and I’m wondering is that the reason you read more of old authors. Your rating bar chart is also interesting, one that I haven’t analyse. It is only natural as you become a more sophisticated reader, especially in your specialise genre, you can only get more critical, rather than more generous in your ratings.

    I find it hard to classify books into genre, some books, especially the good ones do cross over to many, then I’ll be in trouble trying to split hairs classifying them! I love your first chart. Each arm is longer than the one before. If you are training for the Olympics, I’ll be handing out my Gold medal to you this year! Happy New Year Bernadette. 🙂


  2. Bernadette – Without a doubt, you are the Queen of Data! I really like these charts! I find it interesting that you’ve increased the number of audio books you’ve enjoyed. I have to say that I do more e- and print books than audio, but I respect the power of the spoken word, too, especially when driving, walking to work, riding a bus, etc… I’m very glad that you had a lot of good reading experiences, too.


  3. Amazing stats. Each year you’ve certainly moved in the high direction. congrats and Happy New Year.


  4. It’s too hot to read here atm. Like your graphs tho 🙂


  5. Belle Wong says:

    Wow, what incredible charts! You are so detailed.

    After all the decluttering I did in 2011, I’m going to be reading far more digital versions and audio versions this year.


  6. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Love all the charts! I had thought to do more detailed statistics but gave up LOL


  7. Ah, so this is why more and more writers can write & even sell books these days! You are a wonderful person, and if more people did like you, we wouldn´t have time (or budgets) for more wars ;O

    And I also love your charts. Did you remember to count ´the Knave´ as a Danish book – because I don´t think we figure much in your reading life? 😉


    • Dorte I ended up counting THE COSY KNAVE as an English book I’m afraid – I know you are Danish but the virtual travel is all about the settings. I did notice that I only read one book set in Denmark though – something I will try to rectify this year.


  8. Norman says:

    Fantastico! I love those charts. 🙂


  9. Kathy D. says:

    Love those charts! Brings all the information into clear and concise language. I’ll have to try this myself, but it’s for my paltry 70 books. My goal was to read new authors and from new to me countries. I have read books from authors in 20 countries and read two books from each continent, with history the 7th one.
    Maybe I can make up some charts. Now first to pull out the information.


  10. Maxine says:

    Yes, agree with everyone on the great charts! I noticed however that JoV (first commenter) had a good variant – number of pages read! Her number of books read was down on last year but pages were up. (I did not read quite as many books as you, more like 150, but if I am allowed to count pages I am well in with the Trollopes I read!). But yes, they are great. I presume the Danish book is Mercy – I read Boy in the Suitcase this year which is good but not great (not as good as Mercy in my view). The sequel to Mercy has been pushed back to June but at least you can get to read that in 2012.


  11. Rob says:

    Astounding the number of books you got through! Nice data as well. Interesting you got through so many on audio. I can’t get into these at all. Maybe I need to give them another go sometime.


  12. Kathy D. says:

    Omigod, how does anyone read the astounding number of books achieved here and at other blogs? I must spend too much time blogging and not enough time reading!


  13. Marg says:

    I do so love a good chart!


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