Books of the Month – March 2012

The upside of the fact that my February reading slump well and truly leached into March is that I don’t have quite so many finished books from which to make the difficult choice of book of the month. However Australian author Wendy James’ THE MISTAKE could take its rightful place as the best book of any month, being a cracker of a read. It tells the story of a young girl desperate to escape the life of neglect and poverty that she was born to and the secrets she keeps so she can keep her new life. I’d recommend it widely.

In the end I only finished a total of 7 books including that one, and haven’t even found the time to review most of those! I’ll be kicked out of the book bloggers society if I’m not careful. The other books I can recommend are

  • A BALI CONSPIRACY MOST FOUL by Shamini Flint (3.5 stars, no full review but a brief discussion in this post)
  • FEAR NOT by Anne Hold (3 stars, I hope to write a review still)
  • INTO THE DARKEST CORNER by Elizabeth Haynes (3.5 stars – I hope to write a review still)
  • THE BLACKHOUSE by Peter May (3.5 stars? or 4? haven’t decided yet – the review is half written)
  • THE POTTER’S FIELD by Andrea Camilleri (3.5 stars)
  • THE ROPE by Nevada Barr (3 stars)

The Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012

My only novel completed for this challenge was Wendy James’ THE MISTAKE which takes my tally to 5 and puts me half way through the challenge, though I do plan to read more than my allotted 10 books (now that I appear to be out of my slump). There’s still time to join this challenge if you dare.

I’ve also been listening to and reading lots of news about the topic of women writers which seems to be on everyone’s minds at the moment. I was going to post some links here but there seems to be rather a lot of them now that I’m looking so I’ll do a separate post later.

Next month?

At this point I’m just hoping my whole reading (and reviewing) slump and the disgruntlement it causes in my psyche is finished with. I’d like to go back to being gruntled – which means lots of reading and then rambling about it here on the blog (which I have, surprisingly, missed nearly as much as the reading itself).

I’ve got virtual trips to Iceland, Scotland, Washington DC and Sydney planned and then who knows? Got anything to recommend? Rhian over at It’s A Crime has made me very aware that we readers need to support new authors not just our old favourites with her new series of posts focusing on new authors (it’s called Starting Out and the first post was  from an author who has chosen to self publish) so let me know if you think there’s a good debut out there I should read.

What about you…was March a good reading month? Did you have a favourite book? Or did you acquire anything you’re itching to read? Any issue you need to get off your chest?

If you want to see other people’s crime fiction picks of the month head over to Mysteries in Paradise for the Pick of the Month meme

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7 Responses to Books of the Month – March 2012

  1. Sarah says:

    Interesting choice for pick of the month Bernadette. I felt your pain during your reading slump – I usually get like that when I’m stressed. I have high hopes for reading in April – I too am trying to read new writers.


  2. Maxine says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading The Mistake, which I’ll get around to some time in April when I have finished some books that I need to read first. I am off work this coming week so that is usually a good spurt to my reading.
    I agree about trying to read both new and new-to-me authors, it gets one out of one’s comfort zone. I had a tie for March book of the month and both were authors I hadn’t read before. And one of your March books, The Blackhouse, was one I’d been putting off for ages because for some reason I thought it would be like The Wicker Man (film) which it wasn’t at all. I was pleasantly surprised by it.
    I really hope you feel more satisfied by reading during April. I go through reading slumps too, I think related to my state of mind rather than how many books I am actually reading. I feel I’m going through a good reading phase at the moment, but the last-but-one book I read took me best part of a week which is extremely unusual for me, I am usually much quicker than that.

    I have books by Hakan Nesser, C J Box, Zoe Sharp, Charlotte Link, Simon Lewis, Harri Nykanen and a couple of others to read next – oh and how could I forget, Phantom 😉 . I’m a bit schizophrenic about Jo Nesbo but I’m going to give this one a go.


  3. Kathy D. says:

    Very good. We all need book slumps sometime. I have one now although I’m muddling in All Cry Chaos, an interesting, fun book, which includes fractals..! Definitely read Phantom and let us know how it is so we can decide whether to buy it, read it or not. Also, the Nykanen and the Nesse I must read Nesser,


  4. Bernadette – I very much want to read The Mistake. And I’m glad you found it to be such an excellent book. That’s the thing about books, I think; even in a truly dark reading slump, one can sometimes find a gem. And I hope you get back into your reading mode, too; we love your ramblings :-).


  5. Thanks for the mention, Bernadette. I hope you find some wonderful newbies to add to your collection!


  6. Rob Kitchin says:

    Your slump is an average month of reading for most of us!

    I reckon you’d get on well with the book I’m presently reading. M.J. McGrath’s White Heat. Strong female lead – Inuit guide, turned detective on Ellesmere Island just off of Greenland – and well written. I’m about 150 pages in and great so far. Kind of reminds me of Diamond Dove, but a hell of a lot colder!


  7. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    I also though The Mistake was excellent,


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