An update, and some gushing, on the Australian Women Writers challenge 2012

After several years of signing up for multiple reading challenges this year I wanted a break but felt compelled to join the Australian Women Writers challenge. After all if I, as an Australian woman reader, can’t support this particular cause then who can I expect to do so?

I have so far read and reviewed seven of the 10 books necessary to complete my particular challenge and am struck by the quality I’ve discovered. There is a mixture of familiar favourites and brand new to me authors and I have dabbled in genres beyond my usual reading. There is not a dud book in the bunch.

And while I have enjoyed them all, it is the latest one, Virginia Duigan’s The Precipice, that has won a special place in my heart. It is fan-bloody-tastic. It’s not just my favourite book of the challenge but my favourite book of the reading year so far. I adored its protagonist, eighty-ish loner Thea Farmer, and expect I am going to become quite boring in the repetitiveness of my urging other people to read this book. I have gushed more about it at my other blog.

The books I’ve read so far (* indicates an author I had not read before this year)

Upcoming books for this challenge that I have on my shelves, devices or on order from various purveyors of fine books are a whodunnit set in a lawn bowls club, a story about sexual harassment in the Tasmanian police force, a fictional account of Anne Hathaway’s relationship with the penniless eighteen-year-old son of a disgraced and bankrupt glove-maker and a murder investigation in a remote part of South Africa in the 1950’s. As my niece would say You Go Girls!

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  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – I am so glad you’ve found so much to enjoy in this challenge. So often when we take up a challenge we end up disappointed, so it’s always wonderful to look back and find out just how much writing talent there is out there. Now I’m off to your other blog to read in more detail why I absolutely must read The Precipice.


  2. Maxine says:

    Wow, Bernadette, a gush – did not know you could do that 😉 Seriously, it is great to see so many excellent books being written by Aussie woman – I have only managed to read one so far but will certainly keep this list at the top of (what passes for) my mind for future reference. Thank you.


  3. rosannedingli says:

    Lovely to see the cover of a stablemate of mine at BeWrite Books, Meredith Whitford. I think there are THREE Australian women writers in this stable, which boasts over a hundred international authors, so you might like to try us: Meredith Whitford, Magdalena Ball, and myself, Rosanne Dingli. Happy reading!


  4. neilmarr says:

    That’s right, Rosanne — three of Aussie’s finest and with seven titles between them. Cheers. Neil PS: We have some Bruces, too. N


  5. Kathy D. says:

    Fantastic! I’m smitten with Thea already. My only obstacle is how quickly I can get this book into my hands. I desperately must switch from Canadian Arctic winds, cold, glaciers and misdeeds over to sunny Oz, and to meet Thea Farmer. I wonder how quickly I can get this book?


  6. Kathy D. says:

    OK: Bulletin: $16 at Book Depository (ho taxes or shipping cost, $18 or so at Amazon U.S. ) and a few dollars more at U.S. Amazon, which also charges taxes and shipping.


  7. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Silent Valley was wonderful – I am sure you will enjoy it. I loved The Brotherhood so I am looking forward to The Betrayal.


  8. Bernadette, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the challenge. Like you, I didn’t know what to expect and I’ve come across some fantastic books. Your review of The Precipice is particularly welcome as, given its appearance on the Miles Franklin longlist, it hasn’t had the attention it deserves.


  9. Kathy D. says:

    Here is a wonderful video clip of Malla Nunn discussing Silent Valley. Time to rush out and pressure the library to get this. I can’t wait to read it, given that I like Emmanuel Cooper and Nunn’s writing.


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