International Dagger 2012 – Reading Progress and Speculation #3

I first wrote about my progress towards reading eligible titles for this year’s International Dagger Award for crime fiction translated into English back in April and updated my progress just prior to the announcement of the shortlist. My final post on the subject should have been my thoughts on the entire shortlist prior to the announcement of the winner (which will be in the very early hours of Saturday morning in my local time) but I didn’t quite manage to finish reading all of the shortlisted books, which are

I’ll blame my failure to complete this simple task mostly on the fact that I misplaced my eReader during my recent move and it contained both of the books I haven’t read. Though in reality it would have been quite easy to pick up a copy of PHANTOM from the library but quite honestly I was bored to tears by all things Jo Nesbo after his recent tour of Australia during which he seemed to be in/on every media outlet I encountered and I couldn’t help  wondering why some of those shows/newspapers couldn’t perhaps interview some of the many excellent Australian crime writers once in a while instead of fawning all over the cute chap from Scandinavia who repeated the same half-dozen anecdotes ad nauseum (and I do acknowledge this wasn’t his fault – he was asked the same daft, simplistic questions over and over again).

According to the readers and voters at Euro Crime that’s the book likely to win the award (apparently Australian media are not the only ones Nesbo-obsessed) but if I were handing out the trophy it would go to Deon Meyer for TRACKERS (sorry Mr Meyer given my track record for being on the losing side that’s surely lost you any chance of winning) (and sorry too Ms Larsson as I really loved UNTIL THY WRATH BE PAST also but picking two winners seems like a bit of a cheat). Regardless of who wins though I feel privileged to have been able to read so many wonderful books thanks to the work of all the excellent translators and I look forward to getting stuck into next year’s reading.

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  1. Bernadette – I feel exactly the same way about who ought to win. Sorry to hear you lost your ereader – how frustrating!! And don’t – oh please don’t – get me started on interview questions…


  2. Norman Price says:

    Bernadette and Margot, if we three agree that Deon Meyer’s Trackers should win perhaps we are right. 😉


  3. Sarah says:

    Trackers is on my list to read after hearing so many good things about it.


  4. Maxine says:

    I’m for Trackers or Until Thy Wrath, also – from the shortlist – I’d be very happy with either. I liked Phantom and The Potter’s Field, but neither quite as good as the previous two. And yes, it is so boring when you read interviews with the same person that just go through the same questions. It is a bit like when someone wins an award, then suddenly the same person wins the next n awards in a mind-numbing round of lack of originality.


    • Alas Team Trackers didn’t pull off the win Maxine – never mind. As Kathy says I can hardly begrudge the 86 year old Camilleri and his very good translator their win


      • Maxine says:

        Agreed, I thought The Potter’s Field one of the strongest in the series, though I think you have to have read at least some of the others to appreciate the book properly, which was why I slightly marked it down (as the award is for a single book, not a body of work). But, no complaints!


  5. Kathy D. says:

    I’ve only read Until Thy Wrath Be Past and The Potter’s Field, and would have wanted Asa Larsson’s book to win. However, I gather that Andrea Camilleri was awarded this year’s dagger. The Potter’s Field is among the best in the series featuring our lovable, cantankerous Sicilian police detective. As Camilleri is 86, I’m glad he won.


    • Fair call Kathy – 86 seems a good age to be winning such an award – and it’s a fine book (not like some winners when I must grit my teeth at the silliness of the judges)


  6. Kathy D. says:

    And I’m so glad that Stephen Sarterelli is included in the Dagger award. His translations are superb and his end notes sublime — as well as witty.


  7. JoV says:

    I’m sick of hearing about Jo Nesbo too, considering that we share the same short name. I can’t find the motivation to read any of his books now. I’m sorry to hear that you misplaced your e-reader. I’m sure it is in one of those boxes.


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