My Life as a Book 2012

One of my earliest bookish blog discoveries was Pop Culture Nerd and it is still one of my favourite places to go for booky news, not least because the resident Ninja there has taken the My Life as a Book meme and made it her own. And so, for the fourth year in a row, this year’s My Life as a Book meme has begun. All you need to do is complete the supplied sentences using the titles of books you have read this year.

  • Every Monday I look/feel like: (going) Into the Darkest Corner (Elizabeth Haynes)
  • Last time I went to a doctor/therapist was because: (I have) Hysteria at the Wisteria (Ellen Mary Wilton)
  • Last meal I ate was: Affairs of Steak (Julie Hyzy)
  • My savings account is: Ghost Money (Andrew Nette)
  • When a creepy guy/girl asks for my number, I: (am) Gone (Mo Hayder)
  • Ignorant politicians make me: (dream of) A Place of Execution (Val McDermid)
  • Some people need to spend more time: (in a) Fun House (Chris Grabenstein)
  • My memoir could be titled: The Age of Doubt (Andrea Camilleri)
  • If I could have, I would’ve told my teenage self: (you kill the bull) Or The Bull Kills You (Jason Webster)
  • In five years I hope I am: Paving the New Road (Sulari Gentill)

I have all but given up on book blogging memes but I do have a soft spot for the silliness of this one. Do join in.

Meme history

I first saw the meme on Petrona in 2009 and she saw it at Book Dilettante who got it from Booksnbards (which is where my short history dies as that blog is no longer with us). Here are my efforts for 2009, 2010 and 2011

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8 Responses to My Life as a Book 2012

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – Oh, this is wonderful!!! I will definitely have to be a part of this 🙂 – I especially like your response to the sentence about ignorant politicians.


  2. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    What a fun meme, I might have to try it!


  3. Kathy D. says:

    This is hilarious. I must do this. I must agree that what to do with “ignorant politicians” had me laughing, oh, would that it be so. The U.S. election scene fits right into this scenario!


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  5. Cathy says:

    I always enjoy this– especially reading everyone else’s answers. I’ve bookmarked your post and will come back and leave a link when mine goes up.


  6. Cathy says:

    As promised, here I am with the link to my answers!


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