Celebrating crime fiction, remembering Maxine

Last December the crime fiction community lost one of its most ardent supporters when Maxine Clarke died much, much too early. Her influence amongst the genre’s fans and creators was so widespread and her loss felt so keenly by so many that a permanent online tribute to her is being created. There’s been some work done behind the scenes over the past few weeks but for this tribute to be fulfilled you need to participate.

It’s simple. Via Petrona Remembered you are invited to tell us about a crime or mystery novel you love. Whether you are a writer, blogger, reader, translator, book seller, publisher or fan you can contribute. Your submission can take the form of a review, a love letter, a poem, a video, a sales pitch…or something else entirely. You don’t need to have known Maxine in order to contribute or to be someone who reads only crime fiction to the exclusion of everything else.

All we ask is that you tell the world about a crime of mystery novel you love and want others to love too. It needn’t be the best book you’ve ever read but it should stand out for some reason. Perhaps the first crime novel you read? Or the first one that made you cry? Or your favourite crime novel in translation? Or the novel you’ve re-read most often, learning something new each time. It might be a best seller or a barely discovered gem you think more people ought to read. The only hard and fast rules are that you love the book for some reason and that you do not discuss a book you wrote or published yourself.

There are no deadlines so you’ve time to think about which book you would like to discuss, though if you already know exactly the book you want to talk about that’s fine too. Just send your thoughts to the team behind Petrona Remembered. Submissions will start being published, weekly, in March 2013 and will proceed until you run out of crime and mystery fiction you think worth celebrating.

By creating a permanent home where much loved crime fiction is celebrated we aim to honour the contribution Maxine made to crime readers everywhere and to continue her efforts to bring attention to the many intelligent, thought-provoking novels the genre has produced. We sincerely hope you’ll want to join us in this celebration.

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2 Responses to Celebrating crime fiction, remembering Maxine

  1. Kathy D. says:

    This is a great idea in honor of Maxine. I find myself reading books and thinking that Maxine really liked this book or this author. She certainly raised the bar on crime fiction and recommended such good books. So many of the books which she praised are on my TBR list. The only author I can’t think of myself reading is Trollope!
    I hope that her website Petrona stays up online so that we can continue to refer to it and read the reviews and columns that were so stellar.


    • I’m glad you like the idea Kathy. I hope you’ll share a favourite book with us.

      I also think often of Maxine when reading, either because she recommended the author to me or sometimes because I think she would like a book or passage I’m reading.


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