International Dagger 2013 – Reading Progress and Speculation – #2

One of the ways I try to add my version of diversity to my reading is to try to read books that are eligible for the annual UK Crime Writer’s Association International Dagger award for crime fiction translated into English (and published in the UK). I keep an eye on the titles that Karen from Euro Crime adds to her Good Reads shelf of eligible titles and then try and track down the ones that interest me. For this year’s award I have only read a paltry 11 titles of the 71 that Karen has identified as being eligible:

  • 7 DAYS, Deon Meyer tr K L Seegers (Afrikaans)
  • BLACK SKIES, Arnaldur Indriðason tr Victoria Cribb (Icelandic)
  • DARK ANGEL, Mari Jungstedt, tr Tiina Nunnally (Swedish)
  • DISGRACE, Jussi Adler-Olsson, tr Kyle Semmel (Danish)
  • IN THE DARKNESS, Karin Fossum, tr James Anderson (Norwegian)
  • LAST WILL, Liza Marklund, tr Neil Smith (Swedish)
  • MISTERIOSO (a.k.a. THE BLINDED MAN), Arne Dahl, tr Tiina Nunnally (Swedish)
  • PIERCED, Thomas Enger, tr Charlotte Barslund (Norwegian)
  • THE AGE OF DOUBT, Andrea Camilleri, tr Steven Sartarelli (Italian)
  • THE BAT, Jo Nesbo, tr Don Bartlett (Norwegian)
  • THE BLACK PATH, Asa Larsson, tr Marlaine Delargy (Swedish) (I read this in 2010 though so it hardly counts for this year’s reading)
  • THE BLIND GODDESS, Anne Holt tr Tom Geddes (Norwegian)
  • THE THIEF, Fuminor Nakamura, tr Stephen Coates; Satoko Izumo (Japanese)

I have these additional 2 titles on hand and will read them before May

  • BABYLON, Camilla Ceder (Swedish)
  • THE CRUEL STARS OF THE NIGHT, Kjell Eriksson, (Swedish)

Of the books I’ve read I think LAST WILL, THE THIEF and BLACK SKIES are genuine contenders for the shortlist. The Larsson might belong on there too but in all honestly it’s been too long since I read it for me to remember the details as well as the others on the list. And 7 DAYS might be an outside shot too though for me it didn’t have quite the punch of Meyer’s previous book, which I would happily have seen win the previous year’s award.

What else should I be reading do you think? Given I won’t read all 71 eligible books – or even the 25 I was aiming for in July last year – what eligible books have you read that you think are must reads? Or is there a title you think is bound to make it to the shortlist? I am almost invariably way off with my predictions so it would be good to know what you think.


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7 Responses to International Dagger 2013 – Reading Progress and Speculation – #2

  1. Bernadette – I wonder whether Persson’s Linda – As in the Linda Murder Case or Nesser’s Ewa Moreno’s Fall will make the list. I’m not sure about the latter but I couldn’t resist because I really like Nesser’s work, so I am biased. I think you’re spot on about Black Skies, 7 Days and Pierced. Well, we’ll see what happens…


  2. JoV says:

    I finished reading The Black Path last Thursday, yet to find time to write a review. I like it very much except like you, I was disappointed by the 10% of the very end. 😦 I am interested to read “The Thief”.


  3. Kathy D. says:

    Are we there already? How reading time flies! I’ve only read five of the 11 you have read. I’d say Black Skies is a contender. Frankly, I thought Until Thy Wrath Be Past was Asa Larsson’s best in the series so far.
    I haven’t looked at the full list yet.
    I’ve read the second Hanne Wilhelmsen Blessed Be Those Who Thirst, which was excellent. And Helene Thurston’s The Golden Calf was, too.


  4. Hi there.

    I have just read Karin Fossum’s THE INDIAN BRIDE (aka Calling Out For You) and I am puzzled.

    I know you have found the Sejer books engaging. However, if INDIAN BRIDE is representative then I wouldn’t read another.

    Quick reasons: all the men are wimps of various kinds, even Goran the internal dialogues go on too long and too often there is a lot of tell and little show the plot never really lifts off, so the reading is an effort rather than a joy So I wonder if I am over-critical and/or just not picking up subtleties that may become evident if I try other Sejer tales?

    Warm regards.

    – Brian ( an occasional blogger: )


    • Sorry you didn’t enjoy that one Brian, I haven’t read that particular title so I can’t comment on it specifically but of the three I’ve read I’ve found the plots very good, though I suppose there is a fair amount of internal dialogue – I don’t always enjoy that kind of thing but in the ones I’ve read I haven’t found it intrusive. But life would be dull if we all reacted the same way to books eh?


  5. Sarah says:

    I know Fred Vargas has won the award 3 times but I love the latest book too. So I’m going for ‘The Ghost Riders of Ordebec’.


    • Oh No! I’m afraid Ms Vargas and I just do not get along. I won’t go so far as to say I hope she doesn’t win…but I won’t be disappointed if she misses out 🙂


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