Books of the Months – September-October 2013

I’ve read very few books over the past couple of months and reviewed even fewer so this will be a short post. I will highlight two books though both because they were very good and because I reviewed them at my other blog so haven’t mentioned them here yet.

GentlemenFormerlyDressedGentillIt’s no secret I am a fan of Sulari Gentill’s Rowland Sinclair series so I suppose it won’t shock anyone that I adored his fifth adventure GENTLEMEN FORMERLY DRESSED, set in London in the 1930’s  Like its central hero the book is audaciously optimistic, unashamedly well-intentioned and superb fun.

TheCryFitzgeraldHelen21077_fHelen Fitzgerald is another Australian woman writer and her latest novel of psychological suspense, THE CRY, is also a great read though I don’t imagine anyone would class it as fun. It is the story of what happens to, and between, a couple when tragedy befalls their young baby and it is gripping because every awful moment of it is entirely credible. Thanks to Fitzgerald even the most law-abiding reader (which I am due to a somewhat pathological fear of prison) can imagine how easy it might be to cross the line into criminality which is what makes this such a great book.

I have read a few other books but owing to the lack of reviews I can barely remember them. It seems that even though I don’t incorporate many actual plot details in my reviews the process of writing a review and clarifying my thoughts and reactions to a book has become an important part of my reading. Or at least the recall of my reading.

I am still pretty busy sorting out the aftermath of our family crisis so don’t have as much time for reading as I would like but at least do feel the desire for it now, even if I’ve made some unusual (for me) selections, including a 1960’s horror classic which I shall be reviewing shortly.


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2 Responses to Books of the Months – September-October 2013

  1. Bernadette – Glad you’ve found a few books to like. Actually, The Call is my book club’s choice for this month, so I’m especially glad you enjoyed that one. I’m about to start it. 🙂


  2. Sarah says:

    I have ‘The Cry’ on my shelf to read. It’s clearly worth giving it a go.


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