2015’s Bookish Goals

I was reminded by the always inspirational Ms Bookish that goals aren’t much use unless they are specific and measurable so I’ve decided to be quite particular about my book-related goals this year.

aww-badge-2015As well as being one of the co-hosts I’m also participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge and am aiming to read and review 25 books for the challenge this year. This will stretch me a little from my best achievement in the past (20 books in 2013). You can sign up for this challenge too.

USAFictionChallengeButtonI’m continuing on with the Reading US Fiction Challenge but this is a long term project so I will aim only to double my effort from last year and. Read at least 6 books set in different states of the US; all by new to me authors.

There are no specific challenges for the remainder of my book-ish goals but I also want to read

  • At least 6 books that aren’t crime/mystery/thrillers
  • Books set in at least 10 different countries not counting Australia, America or England
  • At least 20 of the books I already own (as at 31 December 2014)
  • Buy no physical or eBooks from non-Australian stores (I allow myself to buy books from Audible as there is no equivalent in Australia and audio books help keep me sane)

How about you? Have any reading-related goals or do you prefer to wing it?

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10 Responses to 2015’s Bookish Goals

  1. Bernadette – There is something to be said for setting clear goals. I think it helps one to focus and actually accomplish them. I’ll be interested in seeing what you think of the books you choose to read.


  2. Louise Allan says:

    Great goals. I aim to read and review 24 books this year—2 per month, with 12 of them for the AWW Challenge. That will be a big ask for me, too, as I usually read at night with matchsticks to hold my eyelids apart!

    I like your goal not to buy from non-Australian stores. It’s so easy to click on the book on Amazon, and Abracadabra, there it is on your kindle! I know I should make the same goal and do my bit for the nation.


    • The buying Australian goal is somewhat selfish Louise. I have a fabulous book store within 200metres walking distance of my house. Its proximity was one of the reasons I bought the house. I want the store to stay open. And if it does close I don’t want any of the blame to be laid at my feet 🙂

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  3. Mary says:

    I love your goals and think I would love to emulate them. However, it could be rather disappointing,if not soul destroying, if I couldn’t make it. For that reason,perhaps winging it is my best option while keeping your options in mind——-ie different gendres, different country settings and definitely reading books I already own.


    • It’s certainly hard to get the balance right with goals Mary…not challenging enough is a bit pointless, too challenging and they start to look insurmountable. But I like to have a few things to motivate me…and if it turns out I overshot the mark there’s no real harm (I survived all my failures last year). Happy reading to you.


  4. Belle Wong says:

    Thanks for the mention, Bernadette! I’m hoping I’ll be able to meet my goals now that I’ve made them specific and measurable. You’ve got a great goals list – I especially like the self-challenges you’ve set yourself.


  5. Kathy D. says:

    Very good challenges for yourself in 2015. And I anticipate the reviews.
    I’m not doing any challenges. For three years in a row, I did the Global Reading Challenge, first reading two books from each continent, with historical crime fiction as my 7th category; then read three books from each continent. Then I planned to do that this year and somewhat accomplished my goals, but then fell down on South America. I began reading a Garcia-Roza book; I think I learned of him through RTR. I liked the book, but it was from the library and dusty and I couldn’t finish it. So I dropped the ball and didn’t finish the challenge by one continent.
    However, I read a lot of good books, although my reading pace is slower than in earlier years. I read half of my last year’s total.
    But, that’s reality. I’m now going to go with my preferences and read what appeals to me from
    blogs and book reviews or friends’ recommendations. I’m finishing up J.K.Rowling/Richard Galbraith’s second book “The Silkworm.” I vacillate on this. It should have been edited down; took me over 100 pages to get interested. Now it’s OK. And I realize the brilliance of the writer.
    But the murder method and characters are not appealing, even though the two protagonists are interesting. Then on to Tana French’s “The Secret Place,” and Sarah Waters’ “The Paying Guest.”
    I have a lot of books on my TBR list and on my stacks around here. But I am inspired by book reviews in the blogosphere.


    • I’ve found the global reading challenge a bit of a struggle in the past Kathy – that’s why I’m doing a personal version of it – just read in different countries – not fussed if I don’t visit all the continents.

      Sounds like you’ve got some interesting books to start the year with. I’ve deliberately steered clear of the JK Rowling phenomenon – I know it’s not a popular opinion but I didn’t think the Harry Potter books were that good. I read them all with my goddaughter but found them a slog – especially the later ones – great stories but needed a jolly good edit. So I’ve not been tempted to try her stuff for adults. Life’s too short for unnecessarily long books. I would like to re-visit Tana French though.


  6. Kathy D. says:

    I liked Tana French. And 2 reading friends and one esteemed blogger loved The Paying Guest.


  7. tracybham says:

    Bernadette, this is a nice concise book goals post. I have wanted to do one but fear that I cannot pare it down. I do go on and on.

    I do hope to continue reading for the USA Fiction Challenge… this year I think I did seven, so maybe another seven in 2015?


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