Books of the month: April 2017

Pick of the month

I was working crazy hours during April so read a lot fewer books during the month but there were a couple of real gems (both from the shortlist for this year’s Petrona Award). My favourite of these (by a slim margin) was Kati Hiekappelto’s THE EXILED. The book is so topical yet intelligent. It doesn’t just pay lip service to complex issues like the world’s latest refugee crisis and how displaced people – whole communities and individuals too – struggle to find a place to call home. It explores these issues sensitively and thoughtfully. Oh and there’s a cold case for the crime fans too.

The rest, in reading order 

  •  Samuel Bjork – I’M TRAVELLING ALONE (an exposition-filled story too violent and psychopath-y for my tastes)
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottier – WHY DID YOU LIE? (the other contender for favourite read of the month – a terrifically constructed tale about people’s pasts coming back to haunt them)
  • Bill Pronzini – BLOWBACK (my 1977 book for crimes of the century had a well-drawn main character but was too steeped in horrible misogyny for my liking)
  • Sandi Wallace – DEAD AGAIN (a good premise spoiled by horrendous professional ethics of the protagonist and too much emphasis on a ‘will they/won’t they’ plot element)

Progress on bookish goals

aww2017-badgeAustralian Women Writers Challenge: Read & Review 25 books 

6 down, 19 to go. Looking doubtful, especially given my current workload.

image borrowed and edited from 8 times in Crimes of the Century

4 down, 4 to go. Was looking good for this one but the host of this meme is taking a break…not sure it will count if I choose my own ‘old book’ to read 🙂

mount-tbr-2017Read 36 books owned prior to the start of the year and/or reduce the TBR to less than 100 (from 131)

Poor progress this month with only 1 of the 5 books read belonging to my pre-2017 collection, bringing my total of pre-owned books read for the year to 15. And with acquisitions taken into account my TBR is back up to 131 which once again more than I started the year with. Sigh.

Image sourced from

Buy no physical or eBooks from stores outside Australia (Audio books are my exception)

So far so good.

USAFictionChallengeButtonRead at least 10 books eligible for my virtual tour of the US via its fiction (each one set in a different state and by a new-to-me author).

Did not add to my tally this month, my yearly total read is a paltry 2 (I did attempt a book set in Washington state but abandoned it about 1/4 of the way through) (I blame the book not the state)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

What about you? How did your reading go in April? Any books you need to recommend? 

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed both Why Did You Lie and The Exiled (which I admit I’ve not yet read). It’s good to see you’re making some progress on your goals, too. I give you a lot of credit for setting out reading goals like that. Whether you meet them or not, I think it really helps to have a reading plan.

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  2. tracybham says:

    I wish I could get it together to summarize my progress on challenges like you do. I can barely get an end of month post out. Oh well. I do enjoy hearing about your progress.


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