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Books of the month: March 2017

Pick of the month The good news is my reading picked up in both quantity and quality during March but the downside of that is it takes more effort to choose a favourite read of the month. After see-sawing between … Continue reading

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A.C.E. Mini Reviews

The title of this most means nothing. Or almost nothing. Other than that I have finished books by authors whose surnames begin with A, C and E in the past few weeks and I’m never going to get around to … Continue reading

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2016: The Favourites as Reading Bingo

One of my favourite bloggers is once again challenging people to play Reading Bingo and another blogging pal has already played the game. Feeling a little left out I thought I would see how many of the 25 squares I could … Continue reading

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Books of the month: May 2016

Pick of the month Authors who choose to subvert the tropes of much loved genres always take a big risk but in the case of AN ISOLATED INCIDENT Australian author Emily Maguire has been successful. Although it opens with the murder … Continue reading

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Book vs Adaptation: AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie

Spoiler Warning: This post contains more information about the book’s plot than I normally would include but I felt unable to discuss some important issues without incorporating this. Naturally though I do not give away the ending. Most discussions of … Continue reading

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Book vs Adaptation: N OR M? by Agatha Christie

The book Tommy Beresford and Prudence ‘Tuppence’ Cowley  are first introduced as the somewhat unlikely young heroes of Agatha Christie’s second published mystery novel THE SECRET ADVERSARY in 1922. They appear a few years later in a collection of short … Continue reading

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#1949 Book – Agatha Christie’s CROOKED HOUSE

It is easy, these days, to think of the classic country house mystery as passé. Trite.  Derivative. But there was a time when this style of story was as fresh and popular as tales of domestic noir are today and … Continue reading

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Musings on THE CLOCKS by Agatha Christie

THE CLOCKS isn’t one of the classic Christie’s books that takes its time to set the scene by introducing us to all the players and only then murdering one or three of the people we’ve come to know something about. … Continue reading

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Book vs Adaptation: Murder on the Orient Express

For me MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and its several adaptations offer a fine example of the spectrum of approaches that adaptors take when choosing to tell a story that has already been told. On one end of that spectrum … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: O is for Old People

Perhaps my inability to really get into YA novels has more to do with the sad reality that I’m closer to receiving my senior’s card than I am to having had a student bus pass.  Anyway, I do rather like … Continue reading

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