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Books of the month: November 2016

Pick of the month I felt pretty wretched after watching the US election unfold at the beginning of the month, both because of what it might mean for the world and for the delayed grief over my mother’s death it … Continue reading

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Review: CONCLAVE by Robert Harris

I was undecided about whether or not to read Robert Harris’ CONCLAVE but a recommendation from a blogger I trust pushed me over the line. Though I’ve liked his historical books I’m not a huge fan of Harris’ contemporary novels … Continue reading

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The one where I rant (almost politely) about The Fear Index by Robert Harris

Who knew my mother would turn out to be right most of the time? Certainly not my teenage self. But, as she may have mentioned a time or three, it does indeed do me good to sleep on things before … Continue reading

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Review: The Ghost by Robert Harris

I picked this book up second hand ages ago but haven’t been tempted to pluck it from my TBR shelves until the Good Reads Aussie Readers Summer Challenge required me to read a book that has been made into a … Continue reading

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