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Review: A DEADLY THAW by Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward’s second police procedural to link a present-day crime with Derbyshire’s recent past is a knockout. Certainly the best example of the genre I’ve read so far this year. The most difficult thing about reviewing it is explaining why … Continue reading

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Review: THE CASE OF THE LATE PIG by Margery Allingham

I think I always knew that golden age detective fiction wasn’t really my bag (the inimitable Dame Christie aside) but participating in Crimes of the Century has confirmed it. This month’s foray into 1937 introduced me to Margery Allingham’s most … Continue reading

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Review: THE CHINESE SHAWL by Patricia Wentworth

The worst kind of reading experience, for me anyway, is one that can be summed up with the word meh. I’d rather really hate a book than be left bored, unengaged and apathetic by one. Alas my introduction to the … Continue reading

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Review: GIN AND MURDER by Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Josephine Pullein-Thompson’s GIN AND MURDER is another of the titles I procured last year from Greyladies Press. Why? Because of the cover. I love the clothes everyone is wearing in the picture and the scene looked so inviting I immediately imagined … Continue reading

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Review: THE SILENCE BETWEEN BREATHS by Cath Staincliffe

I’m not sure I’d have brought THE SILENCE BETWEEN BREATHS home if I’d known anything about it, and I certainly wouldn’t have picked it to read on a warm summer’s day after finishing a particularly harrowing book. I bought it last … Continue reading

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Review: THE RED THUMB MARK by R. Austin Freeman

One good thing about Crimes of the Century travelling as far back as 1907 this month is that quite a few books are out of copyright and easily available for free. As it was the first of his many novels to … Continue reading

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Review: THE SHUT EYE by Belinda Bauer

As I’ve completely given up reading book blurbs (which either reveal too much of the plot or appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with the book to which they relate) and hadn’t seen any reviews of this book before … Continue reading

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Review: STRONG POISON by Dorothy L. Sayers

I was not enamoured of my first foray into the world of Lord Peter Wimsey a few months back but didn’t want to eschew one of the genre’s best known classic authors on the basis of a single read so … Continue reading

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Review: THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA by Antonia Hodgson

If, like me, you have something of a phobia of going to prison then you might want to take care when picking up THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA. Even though it describes events taking place nearly 300 years ago, its worryingly … Continue reading

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Review: THE CHIMNEY MURDER by E.M. Channon

I was recently alerted to the existence of Greyladies Press which gloriously claims to publish ‘well-mannered books by ladies long gone’. I was powerless to resist and immediately purchased two books and then coerced gently persuaded the host of the Crimes … Continue reading

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