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Review: TOO LATE TO DIE by Bill Crider

 I’ve read a couple of Tracy’s reviews of Bill Crider books at Bitter Tea and Mystery and her latest one prompted me to choose the Dan Rhodes series for the Texas leg of my virtual tour of the USA. I … Continue reading

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Review: SCENE OF THE CLIMB by Kate Dyer-Seeley

I started 2017 with a couple of really harrowing books (one about the hideous behaviour of the Catholic Church and another about a terrorist incident). After these I needed a mental breather and plucked a couple of cosy mysteries from … Continue reading

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Review: A STRANGER IN MY GRAVE by Margaret Millar

This is my second foray into the work of this Canadian/American author for the Crimes Of The Century meme. The first was in May of this year for 1957’s AN AIR THAT KILLS. It’s difficult to know how to talk about … Continue reading

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Review: PAST TENSE by Margot Kinberg

Margot Kinberg’s third novel set at fictional a Pennsylvania University, Tilton, is the first one which sees her series hero, policeman turned academic Joel Williams, tackling a cold case. The investigation is sparked when skeletal remains are discovered during a … Continue reading

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Review: WHAT STRANGE CREATURES by Emily Arsenault

There’s a pretty high degree of chutzpah involved in taking a Jane Austen quote for your novel’s title but Emily Arsenault’s WHAT STRANGE CREATURES is equal to the challenge. The book is often deliciously funny and its protagonist, struggling academic … Continue reading

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Review: SEE ALSO MURDER by Larry D. Sweazy

Many thanks to Bitter Tea and Mystery and regular blog visitor Kathy D for prompting me to try this series.  If you heard of a book set in the relatively recent past (early 1960’s) featuring a farmer’s wife turned reference … Continue reading

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Review: TAHOE DEATH FALL by Todd Borg

Owen McKenna is a former police officer now working as a private investigator on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. His sidekick, and the character who constantly upstages him, is a pony-sized Great Dane called Spot. This is the first … Continue reading

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Musings on SHOT IN DETROIT by Patricia Abbott

I could tell you the reason I haven’t posted my thoughts about Patricia Abbott’s SHOT IN DETROIT is that I’ve been really busy. But that would be a lie. Not the first part…I have been stupidly busy…but that’s not the reason … Continue reading

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Review: THE SECRET OF MAGIC by Deborah Johnson

THE SECRET OF MAGIC has one of the strongest opening chapters I’ve read in a long time. Set in 1946 it depicts the attempted homecoming of a decorated Lieutenant who has a head full of nightmares from the battlefields of … Continue reading

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THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE is the story of two people and their pasts. Wyatt Rivers was still in high school when the Oklahoma City movie theatre at which he was working was robbed at gunpoint one night in August 1986. … Continue reading

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