2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge

aww2017-badgeFor the sixth year in a row I’m participating in the challenge which aims to promote the reading of books by Australian women writers. My personal goal this year is to read and review 25 books. In reading date order they are

  • Megan Norris – LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO: FATHERS WHO KILL (non-fiction or true crime)
  • Wendy James – THE GOLDEN CHILD (domestic suspense or general fiction)
  • Candice Fox – CRIMSON LAKE (private investigator led thriller)
  • Meg and Tom Keneally – THE UNMOURNED (historical crime novel, 1825 setting)
  • J.M. Peace – THE TWISTED KNOT (contemporary police procedural)
  • Sandi Wallace – DEAD AGAIN (procedural/thriller/romance)
  • Liane Moriarty – BIG LITTLE LIES (chick lit/domestic suspense)
  • Sally Abbott – CLOSING DOWN (speculative fiction – a DNF so not counted in my final tally)
  • Liane Moriarty – THE HUSBAND’S SECRET (chick lit/domestic suspense)
  • Judith Wright – MURDER IN THE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE (an older whodunnit – a DNF so not counted in my final tally)
  • Sulari Gentill – CROSSING THE LINES (contemporary fiction)
  • Ann Turner – OUT OF THE ICE (thriller)
  • Holly Throsby – GOODWOOD (contemporary fiction/crime)

Feel free to join us by signing up for the challenge yourself and for ideas of what to read, news and discussion about the Challenge